August 31  2018
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August 30 2018
The Fixed Income Clearing Corp's plan to allow money market funds direct access to cleared repo is starting to gain traction. Data show that in the last three months, FICC was the counterparty for an additional $25 billion in money fund Treasury repo volumes.
August 29 2018
Finadium has announced our next FISL NYC conference: May 2-3, 2019. Please reserve the date in your calendar.  It's become the leading event for North American investors in the securities lending market, with strong representation from asset owners, asset managers and hedge funds.                   

August 29 2018
The idea has been floated that Europe should create its own payments system so that European firms doing business with Iran could separate themselves from the US payment system. The ramifications of this move would be significant.

Finadium: Quantum Computing: Moon Shot or the Next Big Thing?
August 28 2018
Quantum computing is the imagination of science fiction becoming real life. The computational power that QC enables could realistically transform how financial markets work through accuracy, speed and assessing the range of future outcomes.

August 27 2018
The US dollar is the global reserve currency. According to the Fed, there are $1.62 trillion in Federal Reserve notes outstanding, what we consider as cash, much of which is held overseas. If other currencies become more widely used for international transactions, will US markets see much impact?

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