Election Candidates
It is difficult to know the extent of support any candidate will offer until they are an actual voting member on City Council or a relevant Board of Trustees.  The following candidates who received our "Support" answered our survey questions favorably and we believe would make excellent Council members.  Bob Yates received our "Strong S upport" because of his proven support of dog access during his tenure on the Parks & Rec Board.

In addition, one  of the most important ways a City Council member can help FIDOS is to appoint fair and reasonable people to the Open Space Board of Trustees. Therefore, we look closely at the nominees that the sitting council members make for this important position.

Strongly Support

Bob Yates is a strong candidate who supports dog access on Open Space and has shown this support in the past.  In 2012, as chair of the Park and Rec Advisory Board, he helped rescind an uncalled for seasonal leashing restriction at Coot Lake that was to have lasted for 5 1/2 months.  Bob believes that the Green/Blue Tag Program works reasonably well, with a high compliance rate.  He also believes that the North TSA is an opportunity to offer more Voice & Sight access to accommodate the increasing population of the Boulder area. 

Aaron Brockett values and supports the Voice & Sight program for dogs.  He believes, "It provides wonderful opportunities for people to hike enjoyably with their furry friends."  Regarding potential user conflicts, he feels that the recent revision of the green tag program will help to address some of those issues.  Aaron also believes that the North TSA is an opportunity to offer more Voice & Sight access to accommodate the increasing population of the Boulder area.
Jan Burton agrees with many of FIDOS' views on Open Space dog access.  She believes everyone, including off-leash dogs, needs to have access to Open Space.  She favors additional Voice & Sight trails in the North TSA.  Jan is an avid hiker and feels the Blue/Green Tag program works well.  She states that she has never had a problem with an off leash dog on any of her numerous hikes. 
Michael Kruteck was not only supportive of dog access in our phone and written interviews, we found his agenda to be consistent with our goals of holding city staff accountable.  
FIDOS believes that a strong City Council member is needed to direct the Open Space department away from their internal ideology of restricting recreation rather than managing it.  Mr. Kruteck has the ability and desire to challenge city staff when they are not acting in the best interest of Boulder citizens. 

Tim Plass has consistently voted to appoint reasonable applicants to the Open Space Board of Trustees.   Mr. Plass has contributed a voice of reason when it comes to treating dog access fairly in Open Space, and has a favorable outlook regarding dog access in current discussion regarding the North Trail Study Area.

Bill  Rigler supports access to open space for recreation.  He feels that being able to access open space helps people to appreciate it and want to preserve it.  In his Daily Camera interview he states, "The best way to have an aggressive conservation agenda is to let people use the space."   He believes in maintaining the Voice & Sight program and sees  the North TSA as an opportunity to offer more Voice & Sight access.  

Honorable Mention

Suzanne Jones
Ms. Jones has been a good listener to FIDOS, and has consistently voted to appoint fair and reasonable candidates to the Open Space Board of Trustees.  Based on survey responses, she is less favorable towards dog access in areas such as the on-going North Trail Study Area than our recommended candidates above.

Julianne McCabe
Ms. McCabe has been an active and valued supporter of FIDOS in past years.


Cindy Carlisle h as been active in her pursuit to restrict important trails to dog guardians.  During the discussions of the West Trail Study Area, Ms. Carlisle vocally advocated to leash the Sanitas Trail in a public meeting.  Sanitas is one of the most important and popular off-leash trails in the city's Open Space system, and publicly supporting leashing in this area reveals disrespect for the off-leash community.

Leonard May's  antipathy towards dogs is clearly revealed in his responses to The Blue Line city council candidate questionnaire.  For Mr. May, dogs "have significant impact upon natural ecosystems", dog owners need "better training" and "dogs should be leashed on more of these (voice and sight) trails".

Lisa Morzel:  
Although Ms. Morzel has occasionally supported FIDOS in unanimous Council decisions, she frequently supports Open Space Board of Trustees candidates with a demonstrated bias against dog access in Open Space.  Ms. Morzel's most recent nomination was an anti-dog activist whose agenda was well known at the time of Ms. Morzel's nomination.  This appointment would have certainly resulted in increased restrictions to dog access.
NTSANorth TSA - Status and Upcoming workshop
OSMP Revealed their draft plans for the NTSA at a workshop in early October.  

Four draft proposals were made calling for differing access to the land.  

The drafts were somewhat disappointing to FIDOS as despite the OSBT explicitly calling for the designation of the Joder Property to be reviewed at the NTSA, OSMP staff ignored the guidance and all scenarios call for Joder to be a HCA, which is the highest restriction on dogs.   The full information is available on the website at:

The next chance to provide input will be a "Scenario Refinement Workshop", 6pm to 8:30p.m. on Monday, Oct. 19, at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), Foothills Laboratory, Building 2, 3450 Mitchell Lane This forum will allow community members an opportunity to review feedback on the preliminary scenarios and suggest ways that they can be refined.

This meeting will be of  great  interest to those interested in  the Boulder Valley Ranch , Wonderland Lake,  and Joder areas  to make sure that Voice & Sight access is not lost on a favorite trail and to possibly obtain V&S access on a new trail.    If you care about dog access in these areas, be sure to attend.
Howl-O-ween Hike at Wonderland Lake
On Saturday 24th October there will be a Halloween themed hike with dogs at Wonderland Lake over lunchtime.  
Dogs will need to be leashed so its not really a V&S event, but if you dog enjoys this sort of socializing it may be fun.

Just a note that the trails round Wonderland Lake are at risk visitors with their dogs as part of some of the NTSA scenarios discussed above.  If you value the Wonderland area for your dog access, you may want to pay attention to these ongoing events.
I t's surprising how much V&S activity is going on in the City of Boulder and in Boulder County which FIDOS members try to cover.  
If you'd like to help out but can't make long term  commitments,  we are pulling together a list of volunteer activities which simply involve turning up.  For example, organizing a social event or attending  an OSBT or Council Meeting and reporting back.  (These meetings may seem dry, but when you have some skin in the game, such as preserving V&S access, they can be fascinating).
Let FIDOS know if you are interested in these ad-hoc activities and we'll put you on the mailing list.
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FIDOS logoFMMFFIDOS Meetings, Membership and Feedback
Members of FIDOS include a wide cross section of the Boulder Community, the common factor being an interest in enjoying and protecting the Open Space, accompanied by our dogs.  Many supporters are in fact "between dogs", but value meeting others with their dogs on the trail.

In order to retain and expand this access we each need to be "good stewards" of the lands around us and keep an eye on what is happening on the trails as well as in the meeting rooms. 

Let us know if you have any ideas or observations on the direction of FIDOS.  New perspectives on V&S are always valuable in developing our arguments.

FIDOS board meetings take place in the Alfalfa's Community room at 7pm on the 2nd Monday of each month. The agenda is always published in advance to make sure we hit all the issues.  If anyone would like to address the group let us know in advance  (mail here)  and we'll make time in the schedule.
NOTE:  Please do not use Alfalfas Parking lot to attend the meeting.  The private Council Parking lot across the street can be used after 5pm in the evenings. 


Friends Interested in Dogs and Open Space