What does the DD Act Say?

BUDGET.—Each Council shall prepare, approve, and implement a budget using amounts paid to the State under this subtitle to fund and implement all programs, projects, and activities carried out under this subtitle... Section 125 (c)(8)

To develop this budget, the DD Act requires at least 70% of a Council’s allotment must be used to implement the Council State Plan and no more than 30% of a Council’s allotment may be used for administrative costs – the 30% includes the DSA reimbursement percentage of 5% of the annual award or $50,000, whichever is less .

To better understand the DD Act budget requirements, ITACC updated its Understanding the Budget Process resource.The resource includes references for statutory and regulatory state DD Council funding, budget purpose, monitoring the Council's budget and more.

To access the updated resource, visit the Financial Information page of the itacchelp.org website or click below.