Demonstration of new approaches, Part 2 (Sustainability and Systemic Change)

(K) DEMONSTRATION OF NEW APPROACHES TO SERVICES AND SUPPORTS.— (i) IN GENERAL.—The Council may support and conduct, on a time-limited basis, activities to demonstrate new approaches to serving individuals with developmental disabilities that are a part of an overall strategy for systemic change... Section 125(c)(5)(K)(l)

In the June edition of Field Notes, we shared Program Instructions from AIDD on Time Limited Demonstration Projects.

To follow up... "How does a DD Council sustain its activities so they can continue to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and families beyond DD Council funding?" "How do "new approaches" become embedded in the policies, procedures and practices of community services and supports?"

The answer lies in sustainability. Sustainability is more than making sure there is a funder after DD Council project funds are exhausted, and it needs to be considered from the very outset of DD Council work. For more information on sustainability, including sub-award agreement language, tips from the US Department of Labor, key steps to planning, sustainability self-assessment and more, click below on itacc's sustainability resource.