Feb 23, 2017

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What You Need To Know About GMOs
Feb. 23, 2017

by Cathy Harris, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Coach

We are in the biggest food fight of our lives. Now that we have educated you on how vaccines are full of heavy metals with our FOURTH ACTION STEP, now let's look at the food supply system in this country and how it too is full of heavy metals that turns your brain off.

If we are ever going to wake people up from their SELF-INDUCED comas from eating processed foods, which are mostly GMOs, full of heavy metals, then you need to send this e-newsletter to everyone that you know. 

This e-newsletter is our FIFTH action step, which will  educate you and your family on why the food supply system in this country is under attack, not by some foreign terrorist, but by your own government (FDA.gov, EPA.gov, USDA.gov, etc.). 

GMOs are a "PERFECT STORM" for disease. 
Because of what has happened to the food in this country, many people think GMO stands for "GOD Move Over" (quote by ResponsibleTechnology.org ) and that alone should tell you about the seriousness of eating GMOs, which are now "airborne." 

This means not only are you exposed to GMOs through the food supply system, but now they are in the air that you breathe inside and outside of your home. 

It's all meant to be confusing and to leave you in
the dark, but when you hear or see the words:
  • GMOs
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Genetically Modified (GM)
  • Genetically Altered
  • Genetically Engineered
  • FrankenFoods 
All of these words means the exact same thing. The foods are called "FrankenFoods" after Frankenstein the monster and everyone remembers how he was put together - with dead body parts.  And this is what they are doing to your food.

How Are Genetically Modified Foods Created?

GMO seeds are made or created in a lab by biotech scientists. It's similar to cloning foods or animals. 

Biotech scientists (many are now whistleblowers) took the DNA of plants and the DNA of animals and mixed it with pesticides and herbicides -- then they mixed in bacteria and fungus --  to try to create some type of "superbreed" - a plant or animal that grows faster, bigger, and stronger. 

They said they put the pesticides and herbicides
into the plant seeds so they would not have to spray crops, which would save them money. 

They also said they invented these foods because the world is running out of food, but this is all about money for biotech companies and the government and to keep you sick -- because the medical and pharmaceutical industry is BIG BUSINESS.
They have produced crops that have become "Bug Resistant" and "Weed Resistant" and have ended up with "Super Bugs" and "Super Weeds," which has been a nightmare for farmers. 

This means even poorer health for families because they are using 4 to 5 times more "Round-Up Ready Weed Killer," which is extremely toxic. This is also killing off all the bees and butterflies, which are needed to pollinate crops.
The biotech companies are essentially "self-regulating" -- just like the banking industry has been. That should be cause for great alarm! We all know what happened to the banking industry in the U.S. in 2007-2008.

We know that over 90% of all processed foods (any
foods in boxes, packages, cans, jars, or other containers - a food that has been altered) in grocery stores are Genetically Modified (GM), but it is estimated that EVERY PROCESSED FOOD contain some component or a derivative of a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), especially corn and soybeans, which are the two GMO foods found in all processed foods. 

Genetically Modified (GM) foods were first put on the U.S. market around the early 1990s or even sooner.  So if you have a child or grandchild that was born during the early 90s or after and have eaten foods strictly from neighborhood grocery stores or 100% conventional foods, especially processed foods -- 
then you have a "GMO Baby," which means they will come down with some type of sickness or disease down the line. They will also have kids that will get sick because GMO foods changes your DNA and affects many generations to come.

Which Foods Are GMOs?

Tomatoes were one of the first Genetically Modified (GM) agriculture crops. They had tomatoes that lasted for 30 days.  C orn and soybeans are the two GMO foods that are in 90% of all the processed foods in this country and many people have food allergies because of corn, so food allergies are a big issue with foods today and soybeans (or soy) causes cancer.

Just some of the foods that are classified as GMO foods -- that you should always eat "organic" include:
  • corn
  • soybeans
  • sugar/sugar beets
  • aspartame
  • Hawaiian papayas
  • canola
  • cotton/cottonseed
  • zucchini
  • yellow squash
Which Animals Are GMOs?

Just some of the animals that are GMOs are cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens. With GMO chickens, it takes just 7 days for these chickens to lay an egg. In the past, this process took 3 weeks.  The GMO chickens can't even urinate. The urine goes back up into them and this is why GMO chickens taste so good to those consuming it.

Who is Monsanto?

Monsanto is a "profit-motivated" biotech chemical company created in 1901 in St. Louis to oversee agriculture and plants in the environment. It has been discovered that Monsanto is not only poisoning plants and animals, but humans also.
There has been no "long-term" studies of GMOs because the government and biotech companies won't allow it, however, there are several biotech scientists, that have become whistleblowers. 

For decades, the Monsanto Corporation of St. Louis has been slowly dominating the world's supply of seeds for crops. Monsanto has spent over $30 billion in recent years buying numerous U.S. seed companies and now they own up to 90% of  ALL the seed companies in the U.S.  

As a result, they now control the U.S. seed business. Over 50% of all U.S. crops are now owned by Monsanto. So they own half the crops in the U.S.  Their motto  "He who owns the seeds -- control the world's food supply."  

They have patented these GMO seeds forcing farmers to buy new seeds every year. If farmers fail to hang onto a supply of 'traditional' seeds, they will be forced to buy these Genetically Modified (GM) seeds, which again, will automatically cause sickness and disease. 

Even though farmers have filed several lawsuits against Monsanto, farmers were never in a position to win these lawsuits against Monsanto, because President Obama signed into law the "Monsanto Protection Act" (Seeds of Death - FULL MOVIE).

Besides creating Genetically Modified (GM) foods, Monsanto also created:
  • Agent Orange (which caused many men to get cancer from the Vietnam War).
  • PCPs (which are poisons that were leaked from the plant in Anniston, AL into the water system, where everyone around the plant and up to miles away died of cancer).
  • DDTs (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, which is an insecticide, toxic to humans and animals, when swallowed or absorbed through the skin, that has been banned in the U.S. since 1972).
  • Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) (growth hormone found TODAY in ALL beef, milk, chicken, eggs, etc.). All chickens, like beef, today (unless "Grass Fed") are fed "GMO feed."
  • Aspartame (a sugar substitute in all sodas today, especially diet sodas, that causes brain cancers).
  • Roundup Ready Weed Killer (poisonous herbicide, which is currently being sprayed on all playgrounds, football, baseball, soccer fields, etc. -- so get ready for an EXPLOSION of sick children). 
Who is Michael Taylor?

Michael Taylor started out as a lobbyist then he became a staff attorney with FDA.gov. Then he became a lawyer representing Monsanto and then he went back to work at Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a 6 figure salary. 

He then left FDA to go back to Monsanto as their "Vice President". Then he returned to FDA as President Obama's "Food Czar" over FDA food policies and this is why GMOs have been able to spread throughout the land because of the government (FDA.gov, USDA.gov and EPA.gov) food policies. 
The FDA is refusing to allow farmers to certify their crops as "organic." The FDA is making every effort to prevent the public from knowing the truth about GMOs in their foods. They've claimed that requiring Genetically Engineered foods to be accurately labeled, would be "confusing" to consumers, but basically they want to leave people in the dark. 

Where Was the Testing Ground for GMOs?

The testing ground for GMOs was in India, where over the last 10 years over 100,000 Indian farmers, have killed themselves. They not only killed themselves because of coming down with Morgellons disease and other diseases from eating GMOs, but once they used the GMO seeds, they could no longer plant other foods because the soil or land can be damaged by planting GMO seeds. So basically their livelihoods were over.
It's estimated that one Indian farmer will commit suicide every 30 minutes. These are young farmers, who are usually around 19 or 20 years old. They have no hope for their future.

India also has the LARGEST BLIND POPULATION in the world, which is another symptom of eating GMO foods and GMOs are why there are so many people in the U.S. -- going blind. A large portion of seniors can't and won't drive after dark.

Where Are GMO Foods Grown?

GMOs are now in over 150 countries, but Austraila and Europe said "No To GMOs."  I personally visited "Monsantoland" (St. Louis) in 2013, while on a 15 city tour, and I counted over 200 soybeans crops on my way into St. Louis, the home of Monsanto.

So this is where a large portion of soybeans are grown. A large portion of corn is grown in Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa, Jeffrey Smith's, Founder of the "Institute for Responsible Technology," backyard, so this is why he got started in his GMO campaign.

Originally, the way that GMOs made it to your table is they were imported into this country with the approval of FDA.gov, EPA.gov and USDA.gov (aka "The Government") or grown in the midwest in St. Louis, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and other states, but now they are grown all over the U.S. So it's always important to deal with local "organic" growers. 

What are the Repercussions of Eating GMOs?

Because they mix pesticides and herbicides in seeds, when these seeds are created in a lab, there is no way to avoid eating "heavy metals," which is a neurotoxin, that causes your brain and nervous system to give out. 

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has said that animal studies show that GM foods are linked to brain issues such as mental health issues,  brain cancer, brain fog, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis (MS),
Parkinson's, autism and other birth effects such as kids born with smaller brains and low birth weight,  food allergies, antibiotic resistant diseases and other new diseases, toxins, digestive issues, constipation, nutritional issues, organ damage, reproductive disorders,  miscarriages, infertility or lower sperm counts, immune problems, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, blindness,  accelerated aging  - just to name a few.

Which is the Largest Group Being Affected by GMOs?

Children are the largest group being affected by GMOs because they have a weak and undeveloped immune system. Just some of the issues with children include:
  • 1 out of 2 kids today have a chronic illness. 
  • 1 out of 6 kids are learning disabled.
  • Over 25% of kids have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • One out of every two males (or 80%) will have autism by the year 2032.
  • Cancer is the biggest killer of kids ages 15 and younger because of GMOs.
How Do We Remove GMOs From Our Bodies

Since GMOs turns the brain off and turn most people into "Zombies," I suggest you do all the following to remove GMOs from your system:
  • Eat Natural, Organic Healing and Brain Foods: The only way to remove some of these GMOs out of your body is to start eating "ORGANIC" foods in as natural forms as possible, especially healing foods like green foods, which are also known as "brain foods."                                            
  • Take Brain Supplements: Just two of the best supplements for your brain is Vitamin D3, which is also the "mood vitamin" and "Omega 3 Fish or Flaxseed Oil" supplements.                               
  • Engage in Brain Exercises: The two best exercises for the brain is "yoga" and "meditation."                                                                 
  • Engage in Regular Detoxifications: You can also engage in regular detoxifications of your organs, to make sure they work properly, because most people in this country, die from organ failure.                                                                 
  • Clean Up Air Quality in Your Home: You can clean up your inside environment ("air quality") by using natural body and cleaning products because GMOs are "airborne."
Which Groups Are Fighting Back?

Just some of the groups fighting back against GMOs, that you should join include:
Their main goals are:
  • To educate as many as possible about the devastating effects of eating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), especially healthcare practitioners, patient advocacy and support groups, parents, schools, campuses, youth, health-conscious consumers and natural products industry, media and messaging, chefs and food service, green groups, spiritual and religious groups, etc.
  • Ask everyone to switch to "ORGANIC" foods. 
  • Ask everyone to contact their legislators in every state and urge them to introduce bills to label foods as GMOs. If your politicians support GMOs, start to vote them out of office.
GMO Movies and Films to Watch

Your goal should be to sit down with your family and watch the following GMO movies. Watch the movies more than once.  You can order the movies online and watch or buy the DVDs and watch with all your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues and have a discussion after watching. The goal is not just to save yourself, but save the people that you deeply care about.

Just some of the GMO movies highly recommended include:
Health Books You Should Read

The GMO fight is far from over, but the wind was
knocked out of the movement in July 2016, when President Obama signed "The DARK Act" (Deny Americans the Right to Know). 

We still need proactive campaigns in each city.  Now to tell if a food product is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), consumers will need to use a smart phone to scan the barcode of packaged foods.   T he   problem is most poor folks don't have smart phones, so it's important to conduct research before going shopping.

What you really need to understand is that the GMO Movement, the Vaccination Movement, and also the Microchipping Movement, is all ONE MOVEMENT -- "The Safe Family Movement" so everyone need to get aboard this movement by watching the movies, reading the articles and books and joining the groups recommended in this e-newsletter. And tell everyone you love to also do the same.

When I was first trained on GMOs by Jeffrey Smith, Founder of    by a 4-part webinar  and was listed on their Speaker's Bureau 
  there were NO ARTICLES at all on the three (3) largest search websites on the internet, which are google.com, yahoo.com and youtube.com -- on GMOs. 

Eventually articles were written on google.com and yahoo.com by experts in the GMO movement and youtube.com presentations were made so I was able to educate myself even further on GMOs.

But today all you have to do is sit down and read articles and watch movies by GMO experts. So there is no way you or your family can't be educated today on GMOs.

Also join my National Non-GMO Health Movement blog and join us on facebook at "The National Non-GMO Movement."

If you are a Speaker or Wellness Coach, speaking on health and still don't know anything about GMOs, or if you are a Speaker and would like to speak on GMOs, then sign up for online training with Jeffrey Smith at ResponsibleTechnology.org

Again, as we teach you about different topics in "The Essential Women's Movement," we will also discuss ways to start careers in particular fields so once we educate you on your health, we will also incorporate business ideas.

Also look for two upcoming health books this year from my company, AngelsPress.com, Overcoming Food Deserts in Your Community: Why You Need To Start A Home Garden, Community Garden, Food Co-Op or Food Coalition and The Safe Family Movement: What You Need To Know About GMOs, Vaccinations, Clean Air and Water.

Meanwhile, I am available to work with you through my 6 workshops or consultations -- in person, by phone or video  (click here).

  • Transition from processed foods to fresh, raw, organic foods.
  • Remove GMOs from your system.
  • Eat brain foods and take brain supplements.
  • Start engaging in brain exercises.
  • Watch GMO movies and read GMO articles and books.
  • Join several groups fighting against GMOs.

Just Say No To GMO
Just Say No To GMO

Black people are into 
"edutainment."  So where are all 
the black  rappers? They need 
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Feb. 23, 2017

Hi Everyone:

This is our Fifth Action Step since forming
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which was our  First Action Step.

Please go back and read our original  press release and e-newsletter so you can fully understand what we are trying to accomplish.  Again, this movement is for African American women to come together and mentor an entire new generation of young folks, while we share information, uplift and empower each other. 

I am still collecting a list of all Natural and Holistic healers from all over the country to share with everyone. If you can travel for pleasure, surely you can travel for your health.

If we are moving too slowly for you then read my first health book, which has some great health information so that you can start feeling much better in 30 days "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days" (Series 3)

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Hopefully, once businesses are educated through our movement, they will be able to create thriving "black business districts" in their cities.

New Motto for Movement

Just one of our mottos for the new movement will be  " OneMillionClassrooms.com, because we are preparing to teach, teach, teach in your homes, your family members and friend's homes, and in many communities nationwide. So get out your pen, paper and recording devices and prepare to learn. 

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