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Starts: 3:00pm This Sunday Nov 1
Judge: FilmFest52 Semi-Finalists!
Determine who wins the honor of being 
FilmFest52's Top Five Films!
Seating Is Very Limited - Bethel Elist & Facebook Invited First
Actor For Hire FILM FEST52
Rate the FilmFest52 Semi-Finalists!
Determine who wins the honor of being FilmFest52's Top Five Films!

We invite you to enjoy an exceptional line-up of movies this coming Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015 - from among the winning Semi-Finalists shown during the the first three months of FilmFest52!

Everyone who attends will receive a ballot to judge each film on a scale of 1 to 10. Scores will be compiled and compared across all four quarters to determine the grand prize winners of FilmFest52's first year! Mark your calendar for our Red Carpet Reveal on May 1, 2016!

Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015
Winning Semi-Finalist Movies in these categories:
Incredible Adventures of JoJo Poster 2 3-5 PM Best Shorts
5:15-6:45 PM Best Drama
7-8:45 PM Best Comedy
9-10:30 PM Best Documentary

Enjoy ten amazing independent movies!
(Final screening order to be announced later this week.)
· The Incredible Adventures of JoJo (and His      Annoying Little Sister Avila) (87 min Comedy)
· Actor for Hire (90 min Drama)
· Viva Cuba Libre (90 min Documentary)
· Falling Angels (28 min) - Student Short
· Lovers Leap (15 min) - Comedy Short
· Magic World (37 min) - International Short
· Cobblestone Corridor (25 min) - Dramedy Short
· My Kingdom (4 min) - Animated Short
· A Collective Break-apart (3 min) - Music Video
Viva Cuba Libre Poster · My Mother's Motorcycle (6 min) - Doc Short

$25 PASS admits to any part - or all six hours!
Individual Shows: $9.00 and $10.50
FilmFest52 at Bethel Cinema
Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT
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Shorts Finalists - 3:00pm
Acollective - Breakapart Official music video for Tel aviv band. It's based on the very trendy sleeveface pictures, with well known album covers coming to life. The video was featured in DIY magazine, Line of best fit, CLASH and more. This is the debut video from directors Sharon and Zagreba.  Falling Angels  - 28 min - Denmark -  Director: Maria Winther Olsen. Julia - the priest's daughter - falls in love with the beautiful Barbara, who just moved to the island. A story about forbidden love and the impossible choices it leads to. My Kingdom - 4 min - USA - Director: Debra Solomon. An animated, musical, not-so-meditative meditation on the nature of personal space...   Lovers Leap - 15:29 - New Milford - Director: Atanas Bakalov. Lovers' Leap is a short romantic comedy which explores the heightened emotional reality of high school kids. It is the story of Sherman, a socially awkward science geek who is shunned by his peers at one of the most memorable moments in every teen's life - prom night. In a state of utter despair, Sherman goes to the woods with dark thoughts on his mind. He reaches a clearing next to a tall cliff, but there, unexpectedly, he chances upon his cute and equally nerdy classmate Stacy. This impromptu encounter ultimately takes Sherman and Stacy on an emotional roller-coaster ride that is both intense and up lifting. The Cobblestone Corridor -  25:00 min - Hartford - Director: Erik Bloomquist. Allan Archer, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper club at Alfred Pierce Preparatory School, has taken on the biggest case of his academic career: investigating the suspicious termination of English department chairman, Dr. Peter Carroll in the kitchie Neo-Noir mystery The Cobblestone Corner.  Magic World 37:20  Director: France Meudon Maud, Adrien and Johan are three teenagers living in a port town in the south of France. During one of those endless summer days, the wandering of this love triangle will lead them to cross that invisible barrier that separates the innocence of childhood to cynicism of the adult world. Pierre André Marion. My Mother's Motorcycle Director: Douglas Gautraud - A look into how objects can connect us to people places and ideas.

BEST Drama Finalist: 5:15pm
"The Incredible Adventures of Jojo (and his annoying little sister Avila)"  - Directors: Brian and Ann-Marie Schmidt - 87 min  USA
A six year old boy named Jojo wakes up from a car crash in the middle of the woods. Reluctantly, he takes his baby sister Avila from the crash and plops her into his backpack. The two of them try to make it back home, encountering hobos, wolves, and raging rivers along the way.  THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF JOJO (AND HIS ANNOYING SISTER AVILA) is pretty much every daydream every seven-year-old kid ever had. Ever. There's adventure, danger, comedy, and Skittles. If you're a parent, this film may make you squirm. But if you're a child or a child at heart, Jojo and Avila will take you on the incredible journey you've been waiting for.

BEST Comedy Finalist: 7:00pm
Actor For Hire    USA    91 min
Aspiring actor Jesse thinks he's not landing parts because he's bald. After several failed auditions he decides to cover his bald head with a cheap wig, head My Kingdom back out to the auditioning chopping block and give it a fresh new go. He immediately books a small role on TV pilot 'Between The Waves', giving full credit to his newly discovered persona. Between juggling his personal life, a cheating girlfriend and a missing roommate to keeping a grip on his career, Jesse accidentally befriends a heartbroken celebrity on the rise and realizes his true desire isn't to be an actor. It's to be a movie star. Actor For Hire is a disguise comedy about facades, persona and the friends along the way.

BEST Documentary Finalist: 9:00pm
Viva Cuba Libre: Rap Is War  110 min
As revolutions and revolutionaries arise around the world, Cuban voices join the chorus.
An extraordinary rap duo is sweeping the Cuban underground with their urgent lyrics about the dire economic and political state of their beloved country. El B and El Aldeano comprise the enigmatic Los Aldeanos. My Mothers Motorcycle The duo is heralded as the voice of the lost generation. Banned from performing in all official concert halls or venues, their music is distributed solely by hand, in total secrecy for fear government persecution. They perform in make-shift venues and promote the concerts only hours before they actually perform, still managing to gather crowds in the thousands.  Risking his freedom and his life, director Jesse Acevedo, with guerrilla methods and hidden cameras, takes the viewer inside the new revolution brewing within Cuba. Ever fearful of reprisal, the identities of the crew are kept secret. Those who do speak out are at great risk of imprisonment. Will Los Aldeanos be the lost voice of a lost generation, or are they the sound of the future, readying an entire country for change and a new Cuba?
S tarring Jason Lee
7:00pm Wed Oct 28
Meet n Greet Party And Q&A With Writer, Actor & Producer: 
Anjul Nigham 
After Party Compliments Of 
GOOD OL' BOY is the feel-good, coming-of-age story of Smith, a 10-year-old boy from India growing up in Small Town, America in 1979. As the boy's family tries to straddle the fine line between embracing the American Dream and preserving their Indian heritage, we watch our awkward little hero sneak out for a taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken (even though his family is vegetarian), don a 'Saturday Night Fever' costume, and contend with his parents as they send him to school with a yellow squash instead of a pumpkin to carve for Halloween. And as Smith falls head-over-heels in love with Amy, the girl-next-door, he finds in Amy's father Butch the all-American cowboy he wishes his own father could be. But alas, when Smith goes on a hunting adventure with Butch, Smith's father Bhaaskar fears Smith will lose any hope of remaining a respectable Indian boy and banishes him back to India. Nineteen years later Smith will return to America, back to a place he once called home.

Good Ol Boy 4 "A crowd-friendly immigrant's tale painted with a thick coat of '70s nostalgia..." a "likeable pic, which has plenty of commercial appeal given the right marketing." ~ The Hollywood Reporter, July 14, 2015
GOOD OL' BOY selected by audience votes Good Ol Boy 3 as one of the top five films (out of 190 feature contenders) and the programmers select it as "Best of the Fest," providing it an additional showing on Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 7:00PM at the Cinema Uptown in Seattle. ~ The Hollywood Reporter, June 7, 2015 seattle-international-film-festival-winners
Good Ol Boy 8 "What we have here is a good, quality film filled with genuine heart and humor that the whole family can enjoy and, in this day and age of blockbuster cinema, that is a rare treat indeed." ~ The TwoOhSix, Movie Review, June 6, 2015
"Through the innocent eyes of Smith, the viewer experiences first love, the heartache that comes along with that, adjusting to a new place, and coming of age. The film is upbeat, comical, and nostalgic in all the right ways." ~ What's Hot What's Next, June 4, 2015
"It was a brilliant film with wonderful performances. It was chill and happy, but included realistic tension... I will say that if you get a chance to see Good Ol' Boy--and I really hope it gets a wider release THEN YOU MUST SEE IT."
"Good Ol' Boy is an independent film having its World Premier at the Seattle International Film Festival. The event had a sold out crowd on opening night." ~ Movie Vine, June 1, 2015 ( boy-film-world-premiere )
GOOD OL' BOY selected amongst five comedies to watch.
"And if you're looking for a good date movie: 'Good Ol' Boy.' A fish-out-of-water tale about a boy from India in 1970s, small town America." ~ Carl Spence, Artistic Director of Seattle International Film Festival, in describing his top six picks from a lineup of 193 feature films, Crosscut, May 14, 2015
Dog Days Of Winter  
7:00pm  Wed  Nov 4
Playing With Short Film: Ron Taylor: Mr Baseball 17 min

The Story Of A Sport Born In America
"Dog Days Of Winter" is the first feature documentary on the start up of organized freestyle skiing during the early 1970's in America. Told from the point of view of some of the most influential pioneers of the sport, 'Dog Days' tells the story of key people and events that set the stage for the birth of the sport, the spirit that freestyle is rooted in, factors that took the 'free' out of freestyle and reflections on what has become of the sport today. 

"What all the freestylers have now, this stage to compete in the Olympics and this whole format whether it's too regulated or not, it's all because of those guys."
Olympic Gold Medalist, Jonny Moseley
"We didn't want to be coined as racers or disciplined skiers, we were the free spirits of skiing at that time."
Freestyle Pioneer, Wayne Wong

Dog Days of Winter 1  Dog Days of Winter 2

7:00pm Wed. November 11
My Father's Vietnam
My Father's Vietnam

A personal documentary about a public subject, My Father's Vietnam personifies the connections made and unmade by the Vietnam War. Featuring never-before-seen photographs and 8mm footage of the era, My Father's Vietnam is the story of three soldiers, only one of whom returned home alive. Interviews with the filmmaker's Vietnam Veteran father, and the friends and family members of two men he served with who were killed there, give voice to individuals who continue to silently carry the psychological burdens of a war that ended over 40 years ago. My Father's Vietnam carries with it the potential to encourage audiences to broach the subjects of service and sacrifice with the veterans in their lives.

Screening with My Father's Vietnam will be two short films:

A Soldiers Story - Major Stephen Reich
A small town stand out athlete is called to duty for our A Soldiers Story 1 country, while the Big League beckons. Major Steve Reich was the Commander of the Operations Red Wings counter insurgent attempted rescue mission in Kundar Province of Afghanistan in 2005, involving four members of the US Navy Seals, depicted in the feature film LONE SURVIVOR. Prior to his career in the military, Major Steve Reich was three-sport athlete in high school and an all-Star pitcher for Army's West Point academy on the path pitching in the major leagues then, the military called. Major Stephen Reich never expressed regret that his promising professional baseball career lasted only two games for a Baltimore Orioles farm team before the Army summoned him back to active duty. "When the Army said they couldn't spare him, that was it," there was no argument from Stephen, Sue Reich. Baseball was a big dream, but it always came second place to the service. A SOLDIERS STORY is about an incredible athlete, and American military hero who passed-up

7:00pm  Wed  Nov 18th    90 min + Panel discussion 
Special Interest Double Feature To Help Families Understand
1) The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer's Together
2) New Rules for End of Life Care
Q&A Panel of Experts On Hospice & Alzheimers 
Meet n Greet Reception 


The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer's Together
An ode to memory: Couples diagnosed with Early Alzheimer's come to terms with their changing roles. Medical experts in Alzheimer's Disease offer their perspectives from the front lines.

New Rules for End of Life Care
Barbara Karnes RN: Award winning end of life educator and hospice pioneer provides guidance and information for caregivers of people who are dying.
Director: Dina Gruenfeld -  Dina is an accomplished filmmaker with a widely diverse skill set and over twenty years of experience. She is a master at interviewing subjects from all walks of life, extracting their stories and sharing them in unique and engaging ways. She enjoys working with Fortune 500 companies, non profit organizations and entrepreneurs.
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