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"North American Railroad Workers:
Will Strike if Provoked!"
(NOTE: To get your T-shirt by mid-August at this price, you MUST place your order by Thursday 8/4/22 at noon Central Time. Our supplier will expedite mailing your T-shirt(s) DIRECTLY to you from the factory. But you must have your order in to us, so get on the list TODAY! Thank you!)

U.S. rail workers from all crafts are united and poised to strike for the first time in 31 years! And even if we do not actually strike, just the threat of such a strike can cause the powers that be to take notice and to bend to our will. The rail carriers fear our unity, our solidarity, and our power. These T-shirts are designed to build that momentum!
This is the logo that will appear on the front of the T-shirt
Railroad workers are ready to strike if we have to. We simply want the rail carriers to do the right thing and treat us with the dignity and respect we deserve. We demand a contract that reflects this. Like the T-shirt says, "Will Strike if Provoked." To these ends, RWU is providing this powerful T-shirt AT COST to you and your co-workers. Get yours today and wear it proudly in the weeks, months (and years) ahead!

Railroad Workers United
Solidarity -- Unity -- Democracy