5K/8K: Beauty of the farm!

Marathon start (start temp of 58?)
Half Marathon start (start temp of 59?)
5K/8K start (start temp of 61?)

We can't wait to see you this Saturday! Based on current weather reports, the forecast calls for temperatures that are very similar to our usual past race days on July 4th. Our race has always started early to accommodate for temps in the 90's (we've learned a lot in 14 years racing out on the island!) and we are confident that you will have a fantastic experience.

For anyone concerned (primarily late-finish marathoners) about higher temps by the time they finish, we have made special arrangements to make sure those final 6 miles are as pleasant as possible .  Check below!

kind of a big deal.
when afternoon temp
s are in the 90's:
  • 6:30am: 59?
  • 7:30am: 63?
  • 8:30am: 69?
  • 9:30am: 74?
  • 10:30am: 78?
  • 11:30am: 84?
  • 12:00pm: 87?
  • Tons of support & ample water and electrolyte on the course
  • Three aid stations within the last 4 miles. 
  • A full misting station within the final 4 miles.
  • A sag wagon ready to supply you with any support or transport needed. 
  • First responders stationed all around the course. 
  • Ice baths and misting stations at the finish!
  • A good ol' fashioned Fourth of July ho-down at the finish line with strawberry shortcake, hot dogs/veggie dogs, gorgeous medals, and a bluegrass band pickin' away!
  • Note: If you are a marathoner with an expected finish time of 5 hours or over and you are concerned about your ability to finish safely, please contact us directly at Our goal is to keep you safe!
STARTS AT 7:15am!

Click here for a map of the new 5K/8K farm course!
Please see below for the typical morning race temps and some additional tips of racing in warm weather!

The Foot Traffic race crew! 
Early Packet Pick Up & Race Expo--FOUR days to choose from!
sellwood store front

The SECOND DAY of bib pick up is tomorrow at our Downtown store! 
Wed., July 1st, DT Foot Traffic, 12-7pm  
Thurs., July 2nd, NE Foot Traffic, 12-7pm 
Fri., July 3rd, SE Foot Traffic, 12-6pm 

All participants are STRONGLY encouraged to pick up their packets at one of the FOUR packet pick up locations.

*If you can't make the packet pick up dates, there will be a limited pick up opportunity on race morning from 5:30am-6:00am only.

*YES, you can pick up a packet for someone else. You just need their last name. However, only YOU will be able to partake in the freebies and awesome discounts!

Warm weather tips!  

Did you know that July 4th temperatures in Portland usually hover in the 90's? This is one of the reasons we have
always had an earlier start time with our marathon and half! Plus, it means we are well prepared with lots of support on the course.
*As stated above, we have and will consider an early MARATHON start time at 6am. We will keep you advised next week of this option. 


What YOU can do to ensure a safe and successful morning:  

  1. Hats and visors are a GREAT way to shield the sun on the back side of the island. The course loses shade there and even if ambient air temps are around 70?, the sun will feel a lot warmer on your face.
  2. Light colored tech fabric clothing is often a better option than wearing no shirt or just a bra given that you have to lather on sunscreen that can trap heat and mess with your sweat glands. They also wick moisture away quickly, which leads to the cooling sensation of evaporation sooner.
  3. Water carriers (belts, handhelds, & more) are highly encouraged to help you hydrate at your leisure! It is shown that those that have water on them throughout the course are more likely to stay hydrated than those that only rely on aid stations! 

  4. Hydration can start the night before. Make sure you abstain from alcohol or other diuretics the night before and keep a bottle of water near you in the days leading up to the race.
  5. Sunglasses make a HUGE difference with eye and squinting fatigue. There are some really nice & budget-friendly options from Tifosi at the bib pick up.
  6. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own water in order to ensure that we have plenty of finish line water for the participants!

Volunteers needed for bib pick up days & on course!

heart logo

With any great event, the secret lies with the people behind the big curtain. We love our volunteers! If you or someone you know would like to help out this year, we have the following positions open. For more details on each and to volunteer, please email HERE! 

All volunteers will receive a RunOR volunteer shirt like the one shown!


Packet pick up volunteers still needed for:


Wednesday, July 1st at Foot Traffic Downtown from 12-7pm
Thursday, July 2nd at Foot Traffic Northeast from 12-7pm  

Friday, July 3rd at Foot Traffic Sellwood from 12-6pm  


Start/Finish duties

Packet pick up morning of the race from 5:45-7am

Hand out medals, water, food, etc...

Help direct pedestrians.  


Course duties

We need 5 positions filled on our 5K/8K course. Please let us know if you want to help direct participants on the farm!    

Course maps!   

Click on the following link and you'll find a larger formatted version of the map to pour over before the race!
CLICK HERE FOR MAP of half/full
NOTE: The 5K and 8K courses are now completely off the roads. They take place entirely on the Pumpkin Patch farm property and feature off-road terrain (dirt and grass) and will be bumpy and uneven at times (which is the point of an off-road course!).  Both of these courses are still pretty flat and they will feature an awesome tour and views of the farm property. Have fun!
Parking, Shuttles, Commute Info.
 bus image GET ON THE SHUTTLE and forget the TRAFFIC!


There is parking on the island & the shuttle buses have relieved some of the congestion getting on the island. However, it is always advised to carpool and give yourself plenty of time! I would plan on arriving at the Sauvie Island BRIDGE (about 2 miles from the start line) 45 minutes before the start of the race (especially for Half Marathoners).



The commute from Portland takes approximately 30 minutes to get to the bridge onto the island. However, the traffic can slow considerably at the bridge and to the Pumpkin Patch. The shuttles will help a LOT and the Fire Dept. will be loading TWO parking lots at once. But please plan enough time and carpool! We recommend you arrive at the BRIDGE at least 45 minutes before your race to make sure you're not rushed!

We have now opened the opposite direction on the island to allow any interested drivers to take the scenic route to the start/finish area and avoid any back up that develops coming from heading south once over the bridge. Once you get over the bridge, you can choose either direction based on traffic. It takes approximately 15 minutes to drive the opposite way around the island, so budget accordingly. Check out the attached map for alternate arrival directions.



Sauvie Island is 11 miles North from Portland on HW 30. The Sauvie Island Bridge will be on the right and look for signs saying "Sauvie Island." The Pumpkin Patch address is 16511 Northwest Gillihan Loop Road Portland, OR 97231  (click here for map). The Pumpkin Patch is about 2 miles from the Sauvie Island Bridge (unless you take the alternate route above, which is about 10 miles from the bridge to the venue) and there will be volunteers and signs pointing the way to the start! There is NO way to miss it!


  • YES, the Fire Department will be loading TWO parking lots at once in order to get people parked faster than ever.
  • YES, there are enough parking spots for everyone! But the lanes getting onto the island are limited 
  • NO, spectators can not drive around the island to follow your progress. There are two lanes and traffic is limited to local vehicles only during the race.
  • YES, spectators can park at the Pumpkin Patch and ride a bike around the island if they are not impeding participants! There are plenty of places for a bike to pull over!
  • YES, your family can drop you off at the starting area.
  • YES, please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your race start (especially for half marathoners).
  • If you have more questions about parking, don't hesitate to email us!
Clif--our official course gel! Nuun-- our official electrolyte on course!



We are super excited to have Clif as our official on-course nutrition.

Each aid station (except aid station one), will be stocked with gels!

The on-course electrolyte will be Nuun once again this year. Each aid station will be stocked with Nuun, which has a great tasting, subtle flavor and provides electrolytes without calories. It allows you to adequately hydrate without interfering with your carbohydrate strategy!

Call any Foot Traffic store to ask any questions at all about these products and the best strategies for use! Foot Traffic stocks all of these items and their employees have tons of experience using them as well!    p 503.284.0345



We are extremely happy to partner with one of our fantastic race sponsors, Back2Running and the Hawthorne Wellness Center!

Justin and his group are excited to support runners and walkers both before and after the event with the expertise of 3 DC's, an acupuncturist, and a massage therapist!
Recyling & Composting: Sustainability is what WE train for!
recycle logo COMPOSTING and RECYCLING takes a collective effort on the part of the race organizers and the participants. Please look for the proper receptacle when disposing of your bottles, paper, trash, or more. Thanks for your efforts!

The last three years we have been able to compost or recycle over 80% of our waste!! Let's do it again!
Sponsor hotel is full, but we have options!

The Silver Cloud Inn--Northwest Portland!  

The Silver Cloud Inn is FULL. But check below for last minute openings at the neighboring partner hotel, The Holiday Inn Express!




Holiday Inn Express is a couple blocks from the Silver Cloud Inn and our shuttle take off location. They offer group rates and reserve rooms for our event as well, so let them know you are part of our race!  '

2333 NW Vaughn St
Portland, OR
(503) 484-1100