The FH Foundation's 2015 FH Global Summit was our third time gathering as a community of FH experts and, once again, it was thought provoking and energizing. 
The FH Foundation initiative FIND FH was prominently featured at the Summit.  We announced that we will have the results of the FIND FH Heat Map this fall.  The Heat Map will identify several hundred thousand individuals with probable FH at the healthcare provider (HCP) practice level and we are confident that this tool will bring us closer to identifying the more than 90% of FH patients that are still undiagnosed.

Much like the DARPA Network Challenge to find ten red balloons located throughout the United States - a literal needle in a very large haystack - FIND FH will speed mobilization through established networks and targeted communications.

-Kelly D. Myers
 Chief Technology Officer
 The FH Foundation

The Heat Map is a road map that clearly indicates the network of HCPs who have high concentrations of probable individuals with FH in their practices.  The Map also tells us who can influence these HCPs...YOU.
Our research has consistently shown that HCPs will react to peer-to-peer communications.  You are a leader in the FH field and held in high esteem by your peers.  Thus, we invite you to be an active partner in FIND FH by communicating with your network about FH.  The Heat Map will identify your network and The FH Foundation will design and send the email communications that can be sent on your behalf.     
Your leadership will ensure that more people are diagnosed with FH and have access to early care that saves lives.
Please look for updates soon as we value your role in FIND FH. 

 Katherine A. Wilemon
 Founder, President, and CEO
 The FH Foundation
Kelly D. Myers
Chief Technology Officer
The FH Foundation

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