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K-12 Evangelical Christian School in Israel
NBS has just returned from spring holidays! The staff and students are busy completing studies and preparing for exams. We are so thankful to complete the school year in person! God has been faithful in helping students readjust to the school environment.

NBS Class 68 graduates on June 11, 2022

Join us in praying for a strong finish to the 2021-2022
school year!
Potter's Wheel Camp Training
During the school holidays, a training session was held at Baptist Village for Potter's Wheel Camp counselors.
Potter's Wheel Camp is an overnight camp held at Baptist Village for students in 4th grade through 9th grade. The senior counselors are university students and older NBS High School students. Younger High School students are counselors in training.
The FON teams coming to serve alongside the local counselors are from:
Dallas Baptist University
Oklahoma Baptist University
Collegiate Ministry from Alabama Baptist State Convention
Collegiate Ministry from Bellevue Baptist Church, Tennessee

We are praying for all of you and look forward to serving with you!
NBS Entrance Renovation
Thanks to financial support from FON,
the front of the school is being remodeled. This helps NBS stand out within the community. Watch the FON Facebook page for progress updates and to see the finished project! Follow FON on FB or Instagram for more current happenings!

Award Ceremony
A 3rd-grade NBS student was presented an award by the Ministry of Education. This student was a winner in the E-Talent Competition, which is a national competition for primary students who complete a presentation on a chosen topic in English. With his project on the Solar System planets, he placed in the top 20 out of 550 applicants!

VBS Summer Day Camp
VBS SUMMER CAMPS will be happening this year! Thank you, Lord!
Plans are being made, and teams are preparing to journey to NBS.
VBS Day Camp will be held in the month of July. The children who attend camp are kindergarten through 3rd grade.
The children will be involved in hands-on activities, games, sports, stories, music, and all the things for camp fun!
Romans 12:2
Join us in praying for all the camp details and our teams!

We look forward to welcoming:
Highland Baptist Church, Alabama
Idlewild Baptist Church, Florida
Fellowship Chapel, Tennesse
Bethel Baptist Church, Oklahoma
Shandon Baptist Church, South Carolina
Travelers are now returning to the Holy Land and stopping by the school to hear about NBS and FON. It is a pleasure to meet them and share about the amazing opportunities at the school. Author Bob Goff (above) and a group visiting from UK (below) are recent guests.
If you know someone traveling to the Holy Land, please invite them to stop by the school.
Opportunities in 2022
Please join us in prayer and in giving as we seek to revitalize the opportunities for groups to visit the Holy Land.

  • July 2022 - VBS programs with multiple churches from AL, OK, SC, TN, and VA
  • August 2022 - Potter's Wheel Summer Program with multiple teams from DBU, OBU, UNA/BCM, TN church College ministry, and possibly a Christian University in CA
  • August 30-September 10, 2022 - Spiritual Enrichment Journey. Cost TBD. Enrollment should not exceed 30.
  • November 2022 - Fall Evangelistic Festival
Praises and Prayers

  • We praise God for a restful spring holiday from school.
  • We praise God for allowing NBS to have in-person learning.


  1. Ask for God's power and guidance to spread the Gospel through the Holy Land.
  2. Pray for FON’s 2022 partners as they prepare to GO and minister in the Name of Jesus!
  3. Pray for staff and students as they prepare for final exams.
  4. Pray for the planning of graduation on June 11 for the 68th class.
  5. Pray for High School students as they prepare to take Bagrut exams. These are national exams required by the Ministry of Education.
  6. Pray for the planning and preparation for summer camps, both VBS Day Camp and Potter's Wheel Camp. Pray for the FON teams coming to serve and the local teams as they plan and prepare.
  7. Ask that God bring all of FON's 2022 plans to realization according to His will.
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Peaks and Pits by Dr. Roger Mardis

Please pray for Dr. Mardis as he continues his preaching/book tour surrounding his latest book, Peaks and Pits, How the Land of the Bible reflects the Life of the Believer.

All book proceeds benefit Nazareth Baptist School.

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