Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association
FIPPOA is seeking consultants for its website and branding!
Are you a website, UX/UI, or graphic designer? FIPPOA needs you!
FIPPOA is seeking a consultant or consultants to create a new brand identity and a first-class website for our organization.
Why? We realize the importance of providing timely communications with our membership, visitors, and partnership organizations. We also need a strong brand identity that encompasses the full range of our activities in the Pines, from organizing Pines Party to managing Whyte Hall.
Today, we have issued a Request for Proposals for a firm or individual consultant that can provide these much needed services to our organization. We fully encourage FIPPOA members and all residents of our community to submit proposals.
The RFP can be downloaded here. The deadline for submissions is June 11, 2021.
Questions? Contact Tami Hausman and Chris Mai, co-chairs.
We are looking forward to the summer season, and we’re very excited to bring you an invigorated and new identity for FIPPOA in the next several months.
All the best!

Henry Robin, President
Allan Baum, Vice President
Tami Hausman, Secretary
Eric Sawyer, Treasurer

Gary Clinton, Greg Henniger, Chris Lovito,
Chris Mai, Jay Pagano, Rodman (Tad) Paul, Leland Rechis, 
Russell Saray, Ed Schulhafer, Matt Tague and Jim Vandernoth