St. Germain Fire Chief, Tim Gebhardt, informed the Town Board on October 14, 2021, that two very old pieces of Fire Department equipment are rapidly approaching the end of their useful life span. The first is the ladder truck which is approximately 40 years old and has become costly to maintain. The second is engine #2 which is approximately 26 years old.

Chief Gebhardt is not recommending that each truck be replaced, rather he is proposing both be replaced with one new truck having the ability to meet the combined functionality of the two old vehicles. He is recommending the Town purchase a new Pierce Manufacturing Ascendant® 107’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder truck at a cost of $1,200,000 and a 30-year life expectancy. 

The cost can be locked in if the Town places an order by mid-December of this year, although delivery of the truck is likely 12 to 18 months out. Payments on the Town loan for this purchase would likely commence during calendar year 2023 based on the projected delivery time. Please see the projected impact on St. Germain property tax bills assuming an interest rate of 2% (subject to change at time of loan activation)
The Town Board will act on this proposed purchase at its November 8, 2021, regular monthly meeting at 6:30 in the Community Center. Public questions and input will be welcome at that meeting.
This message provided by the St. Germain Town Board of Supervisors