August 2017                                                                                                    Issu e: 18
Aid Distribution in Nepal
In November 2016, a team of FIRE volunteers distributed much-needed food and supplies to the elderly in the Langtang Valley. It was the first relief effort in the village of Wangal since the earthquake in April 2015.

In December, FIRE was also able to move eight of the most vulnerable elders from Langtang into an empty guest house for the winter. They were warm, fed, cared for, and safe. We also went back to Wangal to distribute coats for the winter.

Watch our a new video about these projects below! Produced by Ed Fund Productions and Meredith Meeks Media. We also have an album on Flickr with some incredible photography!

FIRE Food Distribution in Nepal, November 2016
FIRE Food Distribution in Nepal, November 2016
October 2017

After a successful volunteer trip in April 2017, FIRE is excited to the October 2017  Langtang Volunteer Trip !

As a Langtang Volunteer, you can enjoy breathtaking views, relaxing hikes, rewarding work, a unique culture, and generous hospitality. Through selfless service to others, we can spread the seed of compassion and cooperation. We invite you to join us on our next trip to Nepal!

Learn more about our three travel options, volunteer activities, payment due dates and expenses, key information  and view the itineraries on our website

For more information about FIRE's current programs in Langtang, Nepal, please visit our Langtang program webpage.

We hope you'll join us!

A temporary shelter in Langtang
Hepatitis Research Project
We are excited to present the abstract summarizing our research project with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 2009, one of FIRE's first hepatitis programs was a collaborative research project with NIH to investigate the prevalence of hepatitis B and C among health care workers in correlation in various risk factors. 

FIRE's Program Director, Dr. Munkhnasan presented the results of the study at the World Health Organization conference, "Tackling Infectious Disease - Information for Action," in October 2016 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

You can view the abstract summary of the project here.

Dr. Munkhnasan presenting the study results in Mongolia.
Volunteer Dentists in Mongolia
FIRE is seeking volunteer dentists to join us in Mongolia to help disadvantaged children with their teeth as part of our Healthy Smiles Program.

Program activities include an oral health assessment, teaching students proper oral health practices, and distributing training and oral health supplies. It also includes creating a supportive environment for children to brush their teeth through outreach and training of parents and teachers. View some of our videos for children on our YouTube page!

Dr. Munkhnasan and Dr. Munkhjaragal preparing for FIRE's Healthy Smiles Program.

Volunteer  dentist will help build the capacity of local Mongolian dentists enabling long term success!! Dental repairs and treatment costs are 80% of the program budget. Volunteers help save these cost allowing FIRE to reach 80% more people. Accompanying dental hygienists are welcome to join us. Trips can be schedule for one or more dentist around your schedule. Please contact us for more information.
Mongolian Gers (Yurts) for Sale
Own a unique and beautiful piece of nomadic heritage with our Mongolian gers!

A ger (or yurt) is a handmade, felt-covered, wooden frame structure used by nomad ic cultures in Mongolia a nd other parts of Central Asia.

Each ger is uniquely handmade in Mongolia. The door, roof poles, and roof crown are hand-painted with traditional Mongolian design and constructed of renewable larch wood.

We are now taking orders f or gers. Check out our website's  ger page  for more information on how you can purchase one!

A traditional Mongolian ger set up in Colorado.
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Kazakh Wall Hangings
We have 9 hand-made wall hangings from the Kazakh region of western Mongolia.  These are beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art. They are lovingly made over several months and given as a gift in honor of a marriage, birth of other special occasion.

You can  view the wall hangings here If you live in Flagstaff, please visit the FIREWORKS store at 113 E. Birch Ave or  contact us  to view the wall hangings in person.