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Mongolia commemorates World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness and reduce the spread of hepatitis and liver disease
World Hepatitis Day Events in Mongolia
In November 2016, a team of FIRE volunteers distributed much-needed food and supplies to the elderly in the Langtang Valley. It was the first relief effort in the village of Wangal since the earthquake in April 2015.

This year, 65 representatives from state, private and community organizations, local and international organizations gathered for  "Thank You" event to show appreciation for those who have helped support the Ministry of Health's new "Healthy Liver" program.

In addition to creating awareness in the community about hepatitis, this event also gave stakeholders who are fighting for hepatitis elimination in Mongolia an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and discuss the future. 

Dr. A. Tsogtsetseg, Minister of Health said: "We can reduce the spread of hepatitis only by working together, including the citizens themselves, the State and non-state entities, health sector, private sector, civil society, and the media. The proof of what can be achieved when we work together is the successful implementation of the 'Healthy Liver' National Program." 

Click below to view our Flickr album for World Hepatitis Day Events in Mongolia.
FIRE also created a three-minute public service announcement to provide basic information on testing for viral hepatitis B and C and to raise awareness about screening and treatment provided by the Healthy Liver program.
A 3 minute Public Service Announcement about hepatitis that aired across Mongolia for two weeks around World Hepatitis Day.
"The Economist" features FIRE's work in Mongolia

After a successful volunteer trip in April 2017, FIRE is excited to the October 2017  Langtang Volunteer Trip !On World Hepatitis Day this year, The Economist Magazine Intelligence Unit (EIU) launched The Path to Zero programme in 2016 to explore policies and programmes to curb the spread of HCV, with the sponsorship of AbbVie. FIRE was honored to be one of five international initiatives featured.

FIRE featured on the Screening section of the The Economist website

National "Healthy Liver" Program
On May 1, 2017, in alignment with WHO's Global Strategy on Viral Hepatitis, Mongolia introduced the "Healthy Liver" National Program. This Program aims to prevent and reduce new cases of viral hepatitis as well as make hepatitis C treatment affordable to everyone in Mongolia. Mongolia does have the cure for hepatitis C at one of the cheapest rates in the world.

In just four months, almost 40% of people aged 45-60 were screened for hepatitis B and C across Mongolia. This ambitious program had an enthusiastic start but is currently delayed due to funding. FIRE works directly with the government in support of this program continue their work while new funding is sourced.
Upcoming Event - Ger (Yurt) Showing in Flagstaff
Have you been thinking about purchasing a Mongolian ger (yurt), but want to see one in person before purchase?

If so, then you're in luck! FIRE has partnered with a private owner in Flagstaff for a special one-time showing of a traditional Mongolian ger.

The showing will take place 
Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 3-5pm .

Please RSVP to for more information on location details, directions, and other important information.

A traditional Mongolian ger set up in Colorado
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Kazakh Wall Hangings
We have 9 hand-made wall hangings from the Kazakh region of western Mongolia.  These are beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art. They are lovingly made over several months and given as a gift in honor of a marriage, birth of other special occasion.

You can  view the wall hangings here If you live in Flagstaff, please visit the FIREWORKS store at 113 E. Birch Ave or  contact us  to view the wall hangings in person.