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Every year many fires are caused by static electricity. When the air is dry and temperature is just right, static electricity can build to dangerous levels on operating field equipment.

Constant discharge by grounding is necessary to drain static energy and reduce risk of a fire. One solution is using a grounding system. 

To learn more about reducing the risk of fire from static electricity from this local Saskatchewan supplier click here: Static Cable Brochure

Mental Health First Aid Training 10% Discount

MSA has partnered with both St John Ambulance and Bridges Health to offer a 10% discount for MSA members on Mental Health First Aid training. 

To learn more about how you can take advantage of these training opportunities and other exclusive member discounts from MSA click here: MSA Member Discounts


Register now and ensure you save the date for our next live webinar on Sept 1st at 11:00am on Root Cause Analysis:

Root Cause Analysis Webinar Registration

Safety Short Videos

This week’s MSA safety short video speaks to the Discriminatory Action protections available in the workplace. 

To learn more check out this safety short video: Discriminatory Action Safety Short Video


On August 11th we will be offering Safety Fundamental training for business Owners, Managers and Supervisors. This recognized training course provides critical information on understanding your safety roles and legislated responsibilities. If you have completed this training course in the past, it is a good idea to complete this training again to stay up to date with current legislation. 

To learn more or register click here: Live Virtual Course Registration

More Updates

MSA Safety Advisors will be in Prince Albert and Biggar in the near future. If your business is interested in having a MSA Advisor come out at no additional charge to provide onsite safety services, contact us: info@motorsafety.ca or at 306-721-0688.

If you have any further safety information that you feel should be communicated to our industry and membership, please email: info@motorsafety.ca



Ryan J. Bast, CRSP

Programs Services Manager