-Gain Access To Good, Clean, Organic Foods 

How Will You Gain Access to Good, Clean, Organic Food?

Since so much is happening this month, let's stay in "balance" by putting your health first.  So this week our action plan is: 

-Gain Access to Good, Clean, Organic Foods
So ask yourself how will you gain access to good food:
  • Buy organic foods from a local health or wholefood store (, Wholefoods, etc.). Remember the quality of organic foods that you buy at Wal-mart, will not be the same quality of foods you buy at health or wholefoods.
  • Start back growing food again in a home garden (also your kitchen and porch). Use a greenhouse to grow foods all year long. 
  • Start school gardens to teach children how to grow foods.
  • Get a plot at a community garden.
  • Become a member at a Food Co-op.You can also grow foods with family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues or even start your own Food co-op.
  • Become a member at a Food Coalition and buy foods from the websites they recommend. You can pick up the food in person or have it delivered. 
Why You Should Buy Your Food Locally

At one point most of the foods in this country were grown in the midwest and shipped to grocery stores by the rail system. These foods were mostly GMOs. 

There are many reasons you should buy your food  locally --
Locally grown food tastes and looks better; is better for you; preserves genetic diversity; is safe; supports local families; builds community; preserves open space; keeps taxes down; benefits the environment and wildlife; is an investment in the future. 
Organic vs. Non-Organic
When I say gain access to good food, I am referring to "organic foods."  Organic produce costs $1 to $2 more than the conventional kind and it can keep down doctor's visits. However, it does spoil quicker, which means you will need to shop more often.

Ideally, you want to eat foods that states it's "100%
Certified Organic Foods," but the only way to do this is by growing the food again your own self.

If the food label states it's organic, it's only 95% organic and 5% GMOs. If it states it "Contains Organic Ingredients," it's only 75% organic and 25% GMOs.

The next time someone you know make the statement that organic foods are too expensive, respond to them by saying:
  • Organic foods will keep down doctor's visits.
  • Organic foods are known as "clean" foods, free of pesticides and herbicides. 
  • Organic foods will give you the energy and vitality to live a long, healthy life.
Start Looking at Food Labels With the Numbers - 3, 4, 8, and 9 - Which Number Means "Organic"?

These PLU numbers are the "Product Look-Up Numbers" on foods. The leading number gives you useful information, if you know the code.

Numbers like 3 or 4, are neither GMO or organic. They are conventionally grown. This means the growers could have applied poisons to the food, including pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizer. But the food itself is not genetically modified.

Organic foods contains the number 9 and other foods, the number 4 or 8, which means these foods were grown conventionally with the use of pesticides and herbicides.

How Should You Prepare Foods

The goal is to gain access to "NUTRIENT-DENSE" foods. You can't do this if you are not choosing organic foods and you need to stop " Cooking Foods to Death,"  like most African Americans. The heat does nothing but removes nutrients from cooked foods. 

Your body views cooked foods as a "foreign invader" so t ry to eat a large portion of your foods (80% to start) in as natural forms as possible -- juiced, steamed, blended, etc. 

Turn off the stove and throw your microwave away. Microwaves not only causes cancer but when you eat microwave foods, the foods can continue to cook in your stomach, causing all types of major damage. 

Take my "90 Day Health Challenge" by learning to prepare foods without stoves or microwaves. You can also learn to do this by reading books on and other book websites and watching presentations on

Learn How The Human Body Operates

Remember your body is your temple and you will only get one body in your lifetime -- so take care of it. For those of you who don't understand how the human body operates, let me explain it to you. 

Basically, your body has tremendous powers to heal itself, no matter what you have done to it in the past and what foods you have eaten.

Green organic foods are known as "HEALING FOODS." (Warning: Green foods can block the absorption of "iodine" so read this article). Once you start eating good, organic, healing foods, your body will start to heal itself.

Read my story "The Awakening" and how I got off my death bed (housebound and bedridden) at 50 years old and became a holistic and natural healer, a Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert and wrote my first health book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days" (Series 3).

The main 3 steps that I took included:
  • I got off all processed foods and only ate "ORGANIC" foods in as natural forms as possible.
  • I ate plenty of vegetables (the greener the better) with fiber so I started having 2 to 3 bowel movements everyday. 
  • I started engaging in regular detox programs.  
How Sicknesses and Diseases Are Formed in the First Place

It turns out that the single measurement most important to your health is the pH of your blood and tissues, how "alkaline" or "acidic" it is. Different areas of the body have different ideal pH levels, but blood pH is the most telling of all.

The blood must be kept in a very narrow pH range, mildly basic or alkaline. If your body is too acidic, it corrodes body tissue, and if left unchecked, you will come down with a sickness and/or death. 

Green organic foods, eaten in as natural forms as possible (juiced, steamed, blended, etc.), can give you an alkaline body. So individuals with an "alkaline body" are full of energy and vitality and those with an "acidic body," is sick and close to death. 

The goal is to eat a proper balance of "alkaline" and
 "acid" foods. That means 80 percent of your diet must be alkalizing foods, such as fresh, whole, green organic vegetables (mostly raw). That percentage can go down once you balance your body.

Just as our body temperature must be maintained at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, our blood is ideally maintained at 7.365 pH. You can get the pH of your blood checked with a doctor, wholistic practitioner or you can buy the pH strips at any drug store.

I was tested by a Holistic Chiropractor out of Atlanta (Conyers, GA),  Dr. Cornelius Stephens , who is also a Kinesiologist.  As a Kinesiologist, he looked at a drop of my blood under a microscope. 

These experts can tell you if your blood is "alkaline" or "acidic" and basically if a disease is forming in your body. They can also check to see what you are allergic to. I was allergic to Strawberries, MSG, Red and Yellow Dye, Coffee, Oats and Heavy Metals.  As soon as I got off these foods, I had a major boost in energy.

Live By Your New Motto

Your new motto should become  "BAD STUFF OUT AND GOOD STUFF IN."  Because of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), or GMO foods, which are mostly processed foods, people are now going 3 to 4 weeks without a bowel movement because GMO foods causes "constipation". 

At any given time, you still have 3 meals in your body. Remember you can hold 30, 40 or even 50 pounds around your waistline, so the goal will be to have at least one, two or even three EASY bowel movements everyday. 

So once you work up to these numbers, I don't advise that you work on anything else but gaining access to natural, organic foods and opening up your bowels. 

You can open up your bowels by eating fresh, raw "organic" foods with fiber - steamed, juiced, blended, etc., drink lots of water and by regular exercising. 

Investigate Different Diets

Most people today eat a diet called "The Standard American Diet" (also called "SAD") full of processed foods
(foods that have been altered - foods that you can buy in cans, jars, boxes and other containers) and this is why most people are sick today. The fact that they call it "SAD," should tell you something.

This is also the time to investigate other diets. Just some of the different types of diets include blood type diet, vegetarian diet, vegan diet, gluten free diet -- just to name a few. 

Blood Type Diet
I have been eating the blood type diet for 5 years and that's why I feel great at 60 years old. You can learn more about the "Blood Type Diet" by reading the book "Eat Right 4 Your Type." Buy the hard cover book on for One Cent (.1 cent) with $3.99 shipping.

Vegetarian Diet
Most people believe with a vegetarian diet, you can't get enough protein, but that isn't the case because two of the largest animals in the world, Gorillas and Elephants, are "plant eaters."

Being vegetarian does not mean your diet will be lacking in protein. Most plant foods contain protein and in fact it would be very difficult to design a vegetarian diet that is short on protein.

Vegan Diet
The way I am eating works so I am not interested in eating vegan. I don't know a lot about a vegan diet but I have noticed in the past that a lot of people, especially African Americans, who say they are vegans, are also overweight. 

Someone told me that it was because they eat a lot of bread with this diet but this is just hearsay so you will need to conduct your own research. You can buy books on on eating vegan and watch presentations on, if you are interested in going vegan.

Gluten Free Diet
To really get healthy some people need to eat a combination of diets. For instance, I eat for my blood type but I also avoid eating any gluten foods. 

Most people are allergic to gluten foods such as wheat, barley, rye, etc., but they don't know it. We will talk about this more when we discuss "allergic reactions to foods" in an upcoming action step.
So once you gain access to good, organic, clean foods, there is a 
good chance, you will see a sufficient change in your body and mind over the next 30 days. 

This is another reason I subtitled my first health book "
- available as an e-book and paperback.

In 30 short days, you can learn new eating habits that will make every moment count in your life,  not only for yourself, but for the people you live with, work with, and care for. GO FOR IT!!!

  • Figure out how you will gain access to organic foods.
  • Buy locally grown foods.
  • Start reading food labels (#9 is organic).
  • Learn how to prepare foods with very little cooking.
  • Read the book "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days" Series. 
  • Go organic and keep your body in an "alkaline state," instead of an "acidic state." 
  • Live by your new motto "Bad Stuff Out and Good Stuff In." 
  • Find out which diet suits you best.  
  • Send me a list of all African American holistic and natural healers in your area so we can list them in a nationwide directory. Send name, address, phone number, website address and email address to If you can travel around the country for pleasure, surely you can travel around the country for your health.

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Feb. 1, 2017
-Gain Access To Good, Clean, Organic Foods  

Feb. 1, 2017

Hi Everyone:

February is a busy month. Not only do we start our weekly ACTION PLANS for  "The Essential Women's Movement for African American Women"  ( ) , along with our weekly teleconference calls but it's also  "Black History Month"  and  "Love Month."

Again, for those of you who haven't had time to view the press release and the e-newsletter, where we launched this new national movement for African American women, please go back and do so now.  The teleconference call numbers were updated (click here).

Any new movement is going to have kinks so just be patient with us, as we work out some of those kinks and invest in a marketing campaign. Meanwhile, let's continue to use "Word of Mouth" to bring other women aboard the campaign. 

We are receiving calls from women from all over the country about being a guest on "The Cathy Harris Show" so I am looking for others to help me host my show, while I work on other projects.

Why You Need To Be on Our Weekly Teleconference Calls 

It might be slow building the momentum for the WEEKLY teleconference calls but we hope that you will take advantage of these calls, where you can meet others and build your own team as we build "TEAM ESSENTIAL WOMEN."  

I don't know about you but I am excited. Last week on our first teleconference call, there were 4 Dallas-Forth Worth "Holistic and Natural Healers," who were all experts. 

You had a GMO Expert, an Herbalist, a Cook/Food Expert, and a Health Expert that Conducts Home Visitations to Help You Clean Out Your Pantry. Wow...what an awesome team!  I don't know about you, but I will take "quality" over "quantity" any day. 

What we accomplished out of the teleconference call, which was really a Mastermind/Think Tank/Classroom -- all of us have come up with different ideas that we can work on together and ways we can support each other. 

And this is what "The Essential Women's Movement" is about. It's about building bridges and making connections. And because these women were on this call, networking and sharing information, a "viral" marketing campaign on their "services" and "products" has been launched throughout our new network. 

Everyone on the conference call was a "Baby Boomer", except for one person and this is what she had to say about the "Baby Boomers".

Teleconference Testimony from --
"I was able to participate in a teleconference tonight that was so filled with information it was unbelievable!!! I could have sat and listened to those ladies all night!! It is so important to bridge the communication between the women of mature age and those on the path to such. I have always been one to enjoy sitting at the feet of my elders. This "Essential Women's Movement" is one that promotes that unity and camaraderie. Check it out at   

New Phone Numbers for Weekly Teleconference Calls

Since several potential participants said they could not get through, I have changed the number to (712) 770-4715, Pin/Access Code 243460 The backup number is  (716) 293-9621,  for those with T-mobile, Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, etc. and other telephone carriers, who might have a hard time getting through. 

These carriers sometimes block these teleconference numbers, so you did nothing wrong.  The playback number is (712) 770-4772 (hit #), where you can listen each week after the teleconference call is finished, which again is a Mastermind/Think Tank/Classroom.

New Page for Movement

I can't commit to publishing a new website for this movement yet, m eanwhile, we have a NEW  page facebook  group  and a  group , in order to gain more visibility for this movement. 

So help us spread the word through "Word of Mouth."  However, still sign up for my mailing list -- so  we can get your business info for your "national viral campaign," that we will be launching for you throughout our network.

New Motto for Movement

Just one of our mottos for the new movement will be  " because we are preparing to teach, teach, teach in your homes, your family members and friend's homes, and in many communities nationwide. So get out your pen, paper and recording devices and prepare to learn. 

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P.O. Box 800511
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(512) 909-7365
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