Introducing our Team
This summer we'd like to introduce the FIRST Chesapeake staff to you. Although you've seen them at events, or received emailed from them, you may not have put a face with that name!
Our Corporate Gifts Officer is Allison "Alli" Lanham . Her role is to develop new corporate relationships in the DC, Maryland and the Northern Virginia area. Strong corporate partnerships help us support our programs, engage more mentors, and reach more students in the FIRST Chesapeake District. 

Alli and her husband, John, live in western Maryland with their two small children (and future FLL, Jr. team members) - Jack (3 yrs in October) and Maeve (1 yr in December). John, is a high school biology teacher in Montgomery County. Alli enjoys playing outside and reading to her kids, traveling to new countries with John and baking sweet treats for her family. If Alli were to open a shop, she would sell her three favorite things - flowers, bagels and ice-cream. 

Fun fact: Alli's husband studied the New Caledonia Crow and the crow's ability to make a use tools at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. They lived in New Zealand for a year and when they traveled to the research center in New Caledonia they lived in a tent.

Watch for more staff introductions in the future!