Introducing our Team
This summer we'd like to introduce the FIRST Chesapeake staff to you. Although you've seen them at events, or received emailed from them, you may not have put a face with that name!
Our Director of Programs is Kristin Clemons . In this position Kristin is responsible for the overall stewardship of our teams and events in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. She wears different hats depending on your location in our region, serving as the FRC Program Director, FTC Partner, and Senior Volunteer Coordinator. 

Devising innovative ways to problem solve while keeping tabs on 300+ teams and 25 events means that there is always an interesting task ahead of Kristin. Things can get pretty busy during our competition season. Kristin says, "however on most days my commitment feels like a huge privilege. How fortunate am I to be paid to interact with passionate coaches, great volunteers and amazing kids? And then you throw robots in as a bonus? I absolutely love my job!"

"FIRST has been a part of my everyday life for 8 years. Initially as a parent and volunteer, then an employee, Senior Mentor, Partner, and coach. FTC and FRC have educated me in what it is to be a rookie (twice!) how to find last minute funding, what it takes to recruit students, the joy of seeing a senior find college scholarships (yeah!) and even the privilege of being able to stand on the Carson field at Championship finals in St Louis. Each of these experiences has brought me to a place where I manage the FIRST programs under my care with a mindful eye and a healthy dose of respect for the commitment those who participate make."

Originally from McKeesport PA, Kristin grew up in Santa Cruz, California and managed a large horse farm in Texas for many years. Her favorite hobbies include coaching robotics, horseback riding, cooking, fishing with her husband Marty, and hanging out with their grandson Jackson. 

Watch for more staff introductions in the future!