Introducing our Team
This summer we'd like to introduce the FIRST Chesapeake staff to you. Although you've seen them at events, or received emailed from them, you may not have put a face with that name!
Matt Glennon
Our Technology Manager is Matthew Glennon . Matthew manages the inventory and implementation of the technology required for competitions within FTC (Virginia only) and FRC (entire district.) He serves as Chief FTA for the District, meaning he manages the FTA volunteers and assesses new technical talent for both programs in the same areas. He also oversees the IT infrastructure for FIRST Chesapeake (internet domain management, email/docs/drive, computer technical support as needed).

Matthew was a founding member of his now-defunct high school robotics team - Indian Robotics Team 616 from Southampton County, Virginia. After graduating in 2003, he started volunteering for FIRST in 2005. Starting out as a referee, Matthew jumped head first into Field Supervisor for FRC the following year; switching to FTAA in 2010. He joined the FTC Leadership Team as Technical Director the same year, which morphed to District Chief FTA when FIRST Chesapeake transitioned to the District Model in 2016.

When Matthew's not on the robot scene he enjoys losing cell service in the mountains with his wife (pictured above), taking free classes online, and playing simulator games most people find tedious and uninteresting. 

Watch for more staff introductions in the future!