Introducing our Team
This fall we'd like to introduce the FIRST Chesapeake staff to you. Although you've seen them at events, or received emailed from them, you may not have put a face with that name!
Jenny Beatty joins the FIRST Chesapeake team this year as the Event Volunteer Recruitment Manager for Maryland. In this role, she will get the word out by doing broad level volunteer recruitment, will network with a variety of Maryland-based organizations, and will be the welcoming voice following up on inquiries about volunteering opportunities in Maryland.

Jenny has been a part of the FIRST world since 2001 in a variety of roles across all four FIRST programs including mentor, the first FIRST Senior Mentor for Maryland, Regional/Senior/Championship/Qualifier volunteer coordinator, judge, judge advisor, planning committee member, and head cheerleader. She also serves on the judge advisor and volunteer coordinator teams for the FIRST Global Challenge, held this year in Mexico City with teams representing 160+ countries, and 200+ volunteers including 40 judges.

Jenny is passionate about national service and volunteerism. Last year she proudly earned a Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA), the international credential for managers of volunteers and belongs to affiliation groups to promote the profession of volunteer management.

She has had an adventurous job history. She is a former registered nurse and earned a Masters in Public Health degree. Other career highlights include serving as a commissioned officer in one of the 7 branches of the Uniformed Services, living and working on two Native American reservations, living and working in the weather observatory on the summit of Mt. Washington in NH, and being a professional “taste tester” for an international spice company.

Her husband is a college professor and they have a “No FIRST talk” rule at their dinner table. They have two sons who live on opposite coasts but run a start-up company together. The older son is to blame for introducing Jenny to FIRST (and to Team 007).

Jenny likes working with the students and amazing volunteers who are interested in the stuff that plugs in and lights up. Her dad wrote space adventure stories for kids and he would have loved the FIRST theme this year! Jenny has met hundreds of people through FIRST, has watched many FIRST alumni grow into wonderful adults.
Jenny Beatty

Watch for more staff introductions in the future!