April 2018
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While competitive events are over for the season, we always have new and exciting things on the horizon. There is a lot of news to share- Team Grant Award, FIRST Championship Detroit, Career Discovery Day, Competition Photos, updated Events Calendar, Sponsor Thank You,   and more- whew !!

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Watch the 2018 FIRST Championship Detroit live stream here

Good luck to all participating teams!
Road Trip to Detroit!

We are extremely proud of all the FIRST Chesapeake teams travelling north next week to represent us at the 2018 FIRST Championship Detroit.

We wish you all safe travels and good luck!

Virginia FTC Teams
3595 Schrodingers Hat
3749 Bionic Penguins
7117 Blockheads
8297 Geared Up
10358 Squatch Watch

FIRST Chesapeake FRC Teams
1262 4099
384 1418 4466
401 1599 4472
422 1629 4541
611 1731 5243
612 1885 5546
614 2377 5724
623 2537 5804
836 3258 6334
888 3274 6802
977 3359

FIRST Chesapeake Sponsors - Helping to Build Tomorrow's 
Technology Leaders
This season, 300+  FIRST  Chesapeake middle and high school teams came together for 20+ workshops, scrimmages, and competitions. Over $50,000 in grants were awarded to teams, and event volunteers donated more than 30,000 hours of their time. Ninety-thousand individuals from around the world watched the FRC competition live feed sponsored by Northrop Grumman and approximately 57,000 people attended competitions from November-April. What is most important is that 5,000+ young people got to be a part of a team, stretch their minds, flex their creativity, and learn valuable skills that will help them become successful young adults. All of this wouldn't be possible without the support of our generous sponsors

Our sponsors include major corporations such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Newport News Shipbuilding, Northrop Grumman, Micron, Bechtel and Leidos, as well as local companies such as Showbest Fixture Corporation, Maxx Potential, Anton Paar, ECPISynalloy and TowneBank. What all of these companies share is a vision to make our future a better place by investing in today's young people. Please remember to thank these generous champions of  FIRST Chesapeake at our competitions or when you use their services. Together, we are helping to build tomorrow's technology leaders.

FIRST Chesapeake Season Photos

The 2017-18 season has been a blast! 

From FTC Relic Recovery to FRC PowerUp, there have been so many exciting moments- we are glad we have had photographers there to capture many of them. 

Did you know we have a Flickr page for our photos? Yes we do! And we are working to upload event photos.  

Not all the events are posted yet, so be patient.

Sadly, not all events had photographers- please consider volunteering next year to be an event photographer. This IS a position just like all the other volunteer positions with FIRST Chesapeake.

FIRST Chesapeake Story of Coopertition and Friendship

"Before the change to the District model, teams only saw each other once a year at a regional event. With the District model they've had the chance to work together at two to three events every year, and it has brought them so much closer! Teams have formed bonds with other teams near and far, and former rivalries have turned into alliances, helping each other build and tear down their District events, and helping run off-season events. 

I was overjoyed to see one of these bonds at our District Championship event. After Alliance Selection, some teams realized that they were playing against their friends in quarterfinals, so they chose to exchange spirit gear to show their friendship and support for each other! 

ILITE traded their purple lights for Fresta Valley's yellow headbands and then they faced off across from each other on the playoff field.

By the end of the night, three other teams were wearing purple ILITE lights and ILITE was wearing three more teams' spirit gear!"

- Lakshmi Meyyappan, Team 1885 Mentor and FIRST Chesapeake Board member
Upcoming Events Calendar
Here are some upcoming FIRST and STEM-related events. Click through the links  for more information or visit the 
FIRST Chesapeake calendar
Learn more about volunteering with FIRST Chesapeake here.
$1,000.00 Grant
Awarded To...
Congratulations Team 5957, CAT5 Cybercanes! CAT5 Cybercanes have been awarded $1,000.00 from Newport News Shipbuilding designated for the 2018 FIRST Chesapeake's District Championship.

Through their annual support of FIRST Chesapeake, Newport News Shipbuilding provides funds that FIRST can award through a competitive process to Hampton Roads teams in need of additional financial resources.  Thank you Newport News Shipbuilding for your generous support of local Hampton Roads team as well as your continued investment in STEM education. 

Call for Summer Camps

Do you know of a STEM summer camp in your area? Does your team or organization sponsor a STEM  summer  camp? Are there local opportunities for STEM-related activities near you?  If so, we'd love to feature it on our website.
Submit your camp on this form: https://goo.gl/forms/X8IBmgh97swIfRgk1
Summer Camps will be listed on our website here:  https://www.firstchesapeake.org/30-team-resources/177-stem-summer-camps

Note: A listing on our site does not constitute an endorsement by  FIRST  Chesapeake. 
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