Message from the President/CEO
What does the Chamber of the future look like?

There is no better time than the present to start thinking about that.

As we near the end of the third quarter and set our sights on a strong fourth quarter, this is the time for every business to assess plans for the following year and beyond. While helping to foster those types of discussions, the Chamber recognizes in order to strengthen our place in the region, we also need to reevaluate how we deliver our products and services.

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VIDEO: Smithsonian Exhibit Coming to Amherst!
In this month's Tuesday Talk , A.J. interviews Karl Reifschneider, Curatorial Assistant & Education Coordinator for the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village about WATER/WAYS , a traveling Smithsonian exhibit coming to the museum next month. Find out why this exhibit is such a gem in our community!
See Water/Ways With Us!
Date: Thursday, October 10

Time: 8:30am-9:30am

Location: Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village , 3755 Tonawanda Creek Road, Amherst
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September Events!
Enjoy drinks and appetizers at the Hull Family Home , the only fully restored stone dwelling of the early 1800's in Erie County! This is a joint event with the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce!

Date: Tuesday, September 17

Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Location: 5976 Genesee St., Lancaster

Date: Tuesday, September 24

Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm

Location: 2928 Walden Ave., Depew

Learn from the Pros!
The Chamber is teaming up with several other community agencies on this FREE three-hour workshop about active threats and how to respond, crime prevention through environmental design, infrastructure protection and so much more. 

The team of presenters includes members of the Buffalo Police Department including the Buffalo Police Department's SWAT team, the Department of Homeland Security, Border Community SERVICE of Niagara University, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Events/Mass Gathering department.

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Now Accepting Board of Directors Nominations!
The Chamber is seeking nominations for open seats on our Board of Directors. Please send them to Thank you!
Join Chamber investor Phillips Lytle LLC for this free seminar on New York State's new Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, its impact on your business and how to prepare for the future. More info and register here .

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Remember, boosting your mood and helping yourself feel more positive is a great thing to do, both for your mind and your body.
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