December 2020
The Five Project for International Autism and Disability Support, Inc.
Dear friends of The Five Project,

What a year it’s been!! While much of our work has moved online, we are fortunate to have strong partnerships with educational organizations, teachers, and families in China that have allowed us to remotely continue supporting individuals with autism and other disabilities and their families. As we move towards 2021, we share the highlights of 2020, which include:

  • Many online trainings provided to teachers and parents of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities
  • Conducting and sharing research related to effective cross-cultural implementation of interventions
  • The ongoing “big family” that is our support group in Nanjing
  • Looking towards 2021—a new website is coming!

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Increasing Importance of Technology: Online Training in 2020
When COVID-19 first led to the closure of schools and educational programs in China, FIVE reached out via WeChat and provided links to its three-part series of training videos to parents and teachers of children with autism who were forced to remain home. This was followed by numerous requests for online training, some by partner organizations that we have worked with for several years, and others by new organizations who sought our support. These include Stars’ Wings Autism Center, Huanghua, Cangzhou; Changchun Chinese-Western Medicine Rehabilitation Center, Changchun, Jilin; Handan College Children’s Education and Rehabilitation Center, Handan, Hebei; MuHe Education Consulting Group, Beijing; and Huiling Community Services for Adults and Youth with Developmental Disabilities (multiple locations). Since February, FIVE has provided eight online trainings, some targeted for teachers at a specific program and others hosted by a partner but open to all, which often brought more than 1000 parents and teachers to learn together. All of the trainings were provided by Helen McCabe and at the most recent two, she was joined by FIVE’s ongoing volunteer trainer, Patricia Wright.
poster about autism in China
Linking Research to Practice

In order to provide support that is culturally relevant and appropriate, FIVE has always worked with local teachers and program directors to understand the nature of their educational programs, and then designed training that fits the context. One of the main characteristics of the educational settings that we work with is the amount of time spent in group instruction. Recently, board member Eric Barnes, board president Helen McCabe, and FIVE volunteer trainer, Jessie Jiang, conducted research on best practices in intervention for children with autism and wrote a manuscript regarding ABA-based practices provided in group formats. This research was presented at the ABAI Culturo-Behavior Science for a Better World Conference (see screenshot of the online presentation), and has been submitted for publication. Helen also presented research at the China Annual Conference for International Education (CACIE) and will present at the end of December on collaboration among professionals in inclusive education at the 5th Annual Disability and Data Conference hosted by Nanjing Normal University of Special Education.
One Big Family—FIVE Support Group in 2020
Zhang Ge, FIVE's inspiration, and Helen.
FIVE’s support group in Nanjing continues to run, as it has ever since February 2008. The group provides ongoing support for approximately 25 young adults with developmental disabilities and mental health issues and their parents, though monthly in-person activities were suspended for many months this year. Instead, families communicated via our WeChat group, sharing stories and encouragement. In the fall, we had our first group meeting of 2020, led as always by Zhang Ge’s mother, Wu Suxing. One of the other parents in the group recently sent us this feedback: “Through our FIVE gatherings, we parents and our children have had enormous improvements, as we learn together how to raise and care for our sons and daughters. Thank you and welcome to come and stay in my home next time you are in China!”
A New Website is Under Construction

FIVE is excited to announce that we have begun to work with a small, dedicated web development company to redesign our website. Because we are often busy conducting training, developing materials, and sharing information, we are unable to keep up with creating and maintaining a website in-house. We look forward to sharing the new website with FIVE’s supporters and friends early in the new year!
Special thanks to FIVE's Board members

Helen McCabe, PhD, Executive Director

Karen McCabe, President, Secretary

Susan Klein, PhD, Treasurer

Peter Angelos

Michelle Badhwar

Eric Barnes, PhD

Robert Delaney
Thank you to those who donated in the past year
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