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June 2017

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The purpose of  media literacy education is to develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression needed by critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens in today's world.



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Conference News

2017 Conference Just Six Days Away!!!!

Check out the conference website for the following:  

It's not too late to register for Conference: 
Full and one day registration still available! 

See you in Chicago!

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President's Letter 

I'm the youngest of three and my hero growing up was Wonder Woman. I would watch Diana Prince use her special powers to support the truth and justice for all. I never missed an episode. I read the comic books and wore the underoos running around the house with my own lasso of truth, demanding all to be true and protect the innocent. This is my favorite, oldest recollection of TV memories and it influenced me in becoming a feminist and using media to bring awareness to underrepresented voices.
Forty years later, we FINALLY get our first female-led superhero on the big screen. Not only that, but it was the first female directed superhero movie, by Patty Jenkins. Two major milestones in one weekend.  Wonder Woman is a high-profile effort for DC to beat Marvel at its own game, and a win for diversity and representation on the big screen, but there is still a long way to go. In fact, majority of the work that needs to be done for equality in Hollywood is invisible with woman often not getting the creative leadership roles they deserve. But we don't need to just look to fiction to see Wonder Woman in our own lives. After all, have you met our Executive Director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin?! She's NAMLE's Wonder Woman, a creative female leader and one that is juggling much of our national conference--where we're all heading to just over a week! There are also some other amazing Wonder Women (and Men) receiving our Media Literacy Awards on Tuesday night.   
Invite your friends to join you at the conference (registration is still open) and I look forward to seeing you in person--I'll be the one wearing the Wonder Woman t-shirt :-)

Erin B. Reilly
President, NAMLE


Media Literacy featured on 
PBS NewsHour
PBS NewsHour featured a story on how media literacy can help students discern real from fake news. The segment featured Media Literacy Now Washington state chapter president Claire Beach, who discussed the recent passage of Washington state's digital citizenship legislation.   [ read more ]

Namibian Educators Receive 
Media Literacy Training
Representatives from four regions of Namibia received media literacy training at a workshop organized by UNESCO. The workshop teaches participants about the functions of the media, including both print and broadcast media, as well as libraries, archives and internet providers.  [ read more ]

Schools and News Literacy Education 
Wired magazine highlighted the growing number of news literacy programs in schools aimed at helping students critically analyze the news media they consume. The article featured prominent news literacy curriculums and organizations such as checkology™ by the News Literacy Project, and a quote from NAMLE's executive director, 
Michelle Ciulla Lipkin.   [ read more ]

Helping Children Understand Social Media
This article from The Hill explores ways for parents to help their children understand the content of social media, including politics, sources, and other content. The article, which includes a quote from NAMLE's executive director Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, explores what parents can do to help their children understand the information they consume online.   [ read more ]

NYT: Digital Literacy Impacts
College Admissions
The New York Times connected a recent story about several students whose acceptance to Harvard was revoked because of distasteful social media posts to the need for digital literacy education for youth.  [ read more ]


California Media Literacy Bill Passes Senate
A bill by state Senator Bill Dodd 
(D-Napa) that seeks to teach students how to tell the difference between fake and real news passed the California State Senate this week. The legislation introduced media literacy education into school curriculums "to combat fake news and ensure students have the tools to succeed in the digital age." The bill now moves on to the Assembly, where it will be heard in the Assembly Education Committee this summer.   [ read more ]

Washington State Digital 
Citizenship Legislation Sets Precedent  
Washington lawmakers recently approved new digital citizenship legislation which focuses on teaching students what constitutes appropriate and responsible use of technology, including knowing what to post on social media as well as how to protect yourself online. The bill requires the state to create a website providing resources and best practices in digital citizenship education for educators around the state.
[ read more ]


Mark Your Calendars 

ALA Annual Conference
Chicago, IL
Jun 22-27 [ learn more]

GAPMIL North American 
Sub-Chapter Meeting
Chicago, IL
Jun 26 [ learn more]

2017 NAMLE Conference
Chicago, IL
Jun 26-28 [ learn more ]

Constructivist Media Decoding:
Media Literacy and Critical 
Thinking in Social Studies
Newseum,  Washington, D.C.
Jul 24-27 [ learn more]

2017 Summer Institute in Digital Literacy
Providence, RI
Jul 23-28 [ learn more]


M-Passion ed: Meet our Members
John Henson
Reich College of Education
Appalachian State University

"I am most excited about getting cameras and microphones into students' hands so that they can tell stories and make media as a part of their learning experiences. Along the way, they will develop a strong understanding of what they wish to communicate, as well as gaining insight into the most effective ways to tell stories that engage and persuade. By learning to tell stories with digital media, students will have the resources to effectively tell the stories that are meaningful to them, and hopefully serve as catalysts for enacting social change."  [ read more ]

Want to recommend an M-Passioned NAMLE member who should be in our next feature? Contact Evelien Schilder at

Global MIL Week 2017:
Event Registration
Media and information literacy stakeholders around the world are invited to organize online/offline local events or activities related to MIL in their community or region, taking place around the period of Global MIL Week of October 25 through November 1. Register your event to be featured on the MIL event map.  [ learn more ]

Media Literacy Survey: K-12 Teachers 
Researchers from the School of Education at Loyola Marymount University are interested in learning about how the national political climate may be affecting classrooms, including the role of media literacy in understanding current events. K-12 teachers from any context (public, private, charter) are invited to participate in a brief, anonymous survey.   [ learn more ]

CFP: CERCLL Sixth International Conference 
on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence
The Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language, and Literacy is now accepting proposals for their Sixth International Conference on the Development and Assessment of Intercultural Competence. The conference will feature presentations and workshops that consider intercultural competence in connection with global trends of migration, travel, and digitally-enabled mobility. Of particular interest are contributions that address the changing state of intercultural competence in a mobile world.
Submission deadline extended: Jun 26 [ learn more ]

CFS: NCTE Media Literacy Award
The NCTE Media Literacy Award will be presented to an individual, team, or department that has implemented and refined exemplary media literacy practices in their school environment.
Submission deadline: Jun 30 [ learn more ]


POV Launches Two New Tools
POV, American television's longest-running documentary series, launched two digital tools: the POV Assistant and a redesigned Community Network and Lending Library. The POV Assistant is a multi-platform bot, delivering information about 30 years of POV documentaries via Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The Community Network and Lending Library provides a catalogue of resources that can be used to engage communities and classrooms, including discussion guides, standards-aligned lesson plans, reading lists, and publicity materials.   [ read more ]

New Book: Becoming Brands
This book examines the intricate interrelations between power, persona, activism, philanthropy and feminism. Key questions examined by the authors are: how celebrity personas are deployed in on-and-off screen contexts; how on-and-off screen activity impacts on celebrity brand identities; and how consistent messages are conveyed.   [ read more ]

New Book: Teaching Climate
Change to Adolescents   
This book, co-published by Routledge and NCTE, provides theory along with practical applications and resources for teaching about climate change and literacy within a multi-literacies perspective. Chapter Six focuses exclusively on "Critical Media/Digital Analyses of Climate Change."
[ read more ]

Tips for Effective Lesson 
Plans on Fake News
This feature from ASCD's Critical Literacy in the Age of Clickbait provides some statistics on teen media consumption followed by strategies for effectively planning media literacy lessons for teens.
[read more]


Employment Opportunities 

Youth Media and Public Access Trainer
MetroEast Community Media
Gresham, OR [more info]

Faculty, Communication and Media
North Shore Community College
Danvers/Lynn, MA [more info]

Curriculum Partnership (Internship)
Palo Alto, CA [more info]

Visiting Instructor, Media Communication and
Digital Literacy
Webster University
St. Louis, MO [more info]

For more listings, visit our organizational 
partner The Alliance's  job bank
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