Welcome to 2021
What's going on at Flamma?
From the desk of Flamma CEO Gian Paolo Negrisoli:

We have reached the end of 2020, a dreadful year that brought much suffering worldwide and disrupted our way of life on a global level. It was a difficult year that deprived us of so many things we cared about. Given these circumstances, Flamma made a decision to use the funds normally set aside for Christmas gifts to increase donations to charitable organizations in the area, many whom Flamma has supported for years. The donations were made with the conviction that today, more than ever, these organizations need more support. These are organizations that provide assistance to disabled people, seniors, the needy or impoverished and many more.

We trust that you would approve our decision for this past holiday season and we encourage you to do the same. We look forward to a future where, once again, we can meet face to face and express our gratitude directly to you. We also hope we will have the opportunity to celebrate together the 70th anniversary of our company. Thank you for your faith in Flamma.
Quick Site Updates
Flamma USA- Update 2021
Snowy day
Flamma USA has grown to over 25 employees & more are on the way! The team has worked extremely hard to get our quality system in place to enable GMP work to begin.

Project requests continue & there are not enough resources to take on every project- a good problem to have! We are confident that Flamma USA has something to offer to those looking at CDMOs in the USA. We hope to see you soon with your early stage projects.
Flamma Honkai- Update 2021
Flamma Honkai has been busy as usual. The team worked extremely hard to overcome the challenges of 2020. They did not let a project slip & also helped produce materials for the unplanned Remdesivir project. Many thanks to the team for their dedication to help in the fight against the pandemic and keep customers happy.
The Honkai team also continues to work with the Flamma USA team on projects in order to provide customers with fast turnaround from the trusted Flamma Group. Working in parallel brings significant value to customers who understand that it is NOT the location where you work BUT with whom you work!
Flamma Italy- Update 2021
New R&D building
We do not mean to repart ourselves but Flamma Italy also had a busy & challenging year as we all experienced. Being in the center of the Covid outbreak produced many obstacles but the Italian team found ways to stay positive (#Molamia) and produce materials for customers (including materials for Remdesivir).

The new R&D building (pictured here) is under construction at Chignolo should be completed in 2021. This will allow Flamma to add another 50 R&D employees. We cannot wait for the space to open to provide more quality work for customers. See the one minute groundbreaking video here. Our CEO uses an excavator!
New addition to the Flamma Team
Please welcome Arianna Ganzi to the Flamma team. She will be the Sales and Marketing Manager of Flamma's portfolio products. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. She was previously at Olon where she was a VP of BD handling key accounts as well as using her knowledge as an organic chemist to help with project selection. Welcome Arianna!
Flamma photo contest
Flamma's employee photo contest
Flamma held an employee photo contest and we would like to share some of these with you. If you click on this link (https://thinkingcdmo.com/), you can see more photos. A few are shown here. There were 3 categories- one for "blue", one for "70" (our anniversary) and one for "life".

We hope you enjoy. https://thinkingcdmo.com/
Upcoming Flamma Events
Flamma Fridays- Every 4th Friday of the month (learn more at FlammaFridays.com)

DCAT- New York City, NY from July 12-15, 2021
CPhI North America- Philadelphia,PA from August 10-12, 2021
CPhI Worldwide- Milan, Italy from November 9-11, 2021

If possible, we hope to see you there. Stay up to date at https://www.flammagroup.com/events/
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