Flamma 2 minute Update: Spring 2020
Before we update you on the latest news at Flamma below, we would like to take a moment to comment on the current situation we all face.

As we navigate these challenging times, we are hoping that you all are staying safe. We at Flamma want to thank all of you who personally reached out to Flamma team members offering support and encouragement. It means a lot to our entire organization that we have customers who we also call friends. We sincerely appreciate your understanding as we strive to continue to provide the services that you expect from Flamma.

We have been very transparent with updates and will continue to do so. For those looking for a brief status report, we can tell you that Flamma Honkai is working at full strength. The Flamma Italy team has been equally resilient in the face of this crisis. We closed our Italian sites for the week of March 23 to allow our team to catch their breath and recharge themselves. A sign reading #MolaMia (“Don’t Give Up”) was placed at Flamma. This spirit is part of Flamma’s DNA. #FlammaStrong

At our Chignolo headquarters, Flamma made ~4MT of hand sanitizer that was given at no cost to the local community in an effort to help with the shortages there and, in small part, to do some good for the area in the wake of this crisis. Flamma also donated money to local hospitals, distributed various PPE including masks, gloves and Tyvek suits. Our own employees have taken it upon themselves to start a fund to support the local hospitals. Kudos to them!!

We are all family and in this together. Be well and stay safe.

And now onward to Flamma news

Flamma has named Daniel Yang as Site Director for Flamma Honkai. He will provide support to management and help in the development of strategies for improvements at Flamma Honkai. He will use his experience to oversee our end to end supply chain and operational activities to assure effectiveness, quality and efficiency. He previously held positions at Merck, GSK and other pharma companies. Welcome Daniel to the Flamma team.

Flamma Honkai received a grant from the local Chinese government to grow our business presence there. Of the six grant recipients, Flamma Honkai was the ONLY privately owned company to obtain such a grant. This shows the good relationship and trust that the local authorities have for Flamma.

With this grant, Flamma Honkai will expand the capacity of our existing plant. The design of the new plant on the land purchased across from our current site is currently being examined and planned.

Our facility located in Malvern, PA outside of Philadelphia has a staff of 20 people including two full R&D groups with the associated support staff. We are moving towards full GMP status later in 2020. The pilot plant has been reactivated and has already produced materials for customers. The DEA has inspected and approved the site for our controlled substance R&D license.

There has been an overwhelming demand for Flamma-delphia and we look forward to recommissioning the High Potency Suite soon. We look forward to speaking to you about your projects that need a US home to start their journey though the pharmaceutical marketplace.

FLAMMA ITALY: New R&D building ground breaking
The long awaited ground breaking for the new R&D building at Chignolo will be in early May. This will quadruple the size of our R&D space and allow us to house R&D & analytical development labs along with offices and meeting rooms. We will also have a high containment lab and dedicated labs for special chemistry. The building will have 50+ R&D scientists in order to serve our customers better.

" Non possiamo avere una vita perfetta senza amici " which translated means "We cannot have a perfect life without friends".

Thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts. It means a lot to the entire Flamma team.

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