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Flatfile Friday with Raeleen Kao
On the third Friday of each month, CPC's very own Flat Phil gives you a peek into the drawers and other hidden places to discover amazing work by gallery artists that you can buy. This week, we bring you the gorgeously executed prints and books of Raeleen Kao, a self described "over-caffeinated amateur competitive eater, AKA glutton, and a fervid red tabby enthusiast". She operates Frozen Charlotte Press, a private printmaking studio in Chicago specializing in multi-plate etching. She is an art conservator at Joel Oppenheimer Restoration Lab, the Vice President of the Chicago Printers Guild, and serves on the Visual Arts Review Committee at Awakenings, a foundation for survivors of sexual violence. 

Raeleen Kao
Sunday Best, 2-plate etching, 4 x 3 inches (plate)/ 8 x 7 inches (paper), $150
Following Death, etching, 5 x 11.25 inches (plate)/ 9 x 16 inches (paper), $200
My work is​ simultaneously an act of mourning and an analysis of women’s body politics stemming from outdated puritanical literature, mythology, folktales, and buttoned-up Victorian superstitions which contemporary society obtusely clings to.​ ​Women are portrayed as manipulative, their bodies and sexuality are demonized, and their roles in society are persistently relegated to motherhood at the expense of their reproductive rights. Even animals associated with women are vilified. F​or a long time I was fascinated with the Victorian perspective on death. I found refuge in their symbolism and mourning traditions in my attempts to cope with my own sickness and past loss. Over time, I began to loathe their stifling attitudes toward women, beauty, and death. Death is not beautiful. It is infuriating, traumatic, and an epidemical product of social inequality. - Raeleen Kao
Raeleen Kao
Every Creeping Thing I, 2-plate etching, 9 x 7 inches (plate)/ 14 x 11 inches (paper), $500
Raeleen Kao
Every Creeping Thing II, 2-plate etching, 9 x 7 inches (plate)/ 14 x 11 inches (paper), $500
Raeleen Kao
Ill Repute, 3-plate etching, 7 x 5 inches (plate)/ 12 x 10 inches (paper), $400
The masks, weeds, and hair in these works personify familiar tropes of female deception, unconfessed sin, and seduction. The overgrowth of ​memento mori​-inspired hair and flowers are oppressive gardens still haunted by beliefs society has maintained for over two thousand years. - Raeleen Kao
Belladonna, 3-plate etching, 4 x 3 inches (plate)/ 8 x 7 inches (paper), $200
Rebis, 4-color reduction woodcut, 14 x 11 inches, $200
The Witch is Inside of Me 

Hand bound Artist Book with hand colored etchings & letterpress, $500
(measures 9 x 3 inches closed)
Raeleen Kao
Raeleen Kao
I started this book as a letter to my childhood self and the overwhelming number of women and men who were raised the way I was. I was taught from birth that purity was one of the greatest assets that a woman should possess. This childhood education on gender roles was further enforced by western European cautionary tales that condemned female sexuality and punished disobedience to a parent or husband with deadly consequences. These stories collectively defined young women as weak, fault-ridden beings whose salvation lay in the hands of men while older, knowledgeable women with power were cast as the face of evil. As a child, I obsessed over these stories and I always gravitated toward the princess, the obedient daughter, the undeniable protagonist in a world constructed with definite good and evil.
When I grew older, I learned that these principles were a combined reflection of my western-centralized and antiquated conservative Asian upbringing. The roles of good and evil are much more fluid in other parts of the world. In Eastern European stories, Baba Yaga can be depicted as an evil witch or a kind old woman. African and Native American cultures utilize the trickster archetype, which is neither defined by good nor evil. In East Asian ghost stories, which I was unfamiliar with for the first two decades of my life, spirits are often neutral or just mischievous. Equally as common are malicious spirits who are often women who have died from unnatural causes and are seeking vengeance toward those who have wronged them. In Chinese folklore, the nu gui (female ghost) harms men but only scares women. While western religions demonized witchcraft, many other cultures considered it to be a fundamental part of their medicinal practice.
This book upends the nefariousness attributed to curiosity, sexuality, and disobedience in females and imbues the characters who raised me with power by embracing the corruptible, dual-faced nature within all of us. - Raeleen Kao

Raeleen Kao
More Beautiful in Death, 2-plate etching, 8 x 6 inches (plate)/ 10.5 x 7.5 inches (paper), $400
Raeleen Kao
Black Salve, 4-plate etching, 7 x 5 inches (plate)/ 12 x 8 inches (paper), $400
Left: Breast Pocket Zipper Club, 2-plate etching, 4 x 4 inches (plate)/ 8 x 8 inches (paper), $250
Right: Cure, etching and pearlescence, 4 x 4 inches (plate)/ 8 x 8 inches (paper), $250
Raeleen Kao
Untitled (Fan), 3-plate etching, 2 x 3.5 inches (plate)/ 7.5 x 6.5 inches (paper), $250
Raeleen Kao
Gorgon, etching, 6 x 6 inches (plate)/ 11 x 11 inches (paper), $200
Raeleen Kao
Left: Penis Flytrap, 3-plate etching, 4 x 3 inches (plate)/ 10 x 9 inches (paper), $175
Right: Marsh Milk, 3-plate etching, 8 x 6 inches (plate)/ 10 x 8 inches (paper), $300

Hand bound Artist Book with etchings, letterpress, and chine collé, $600
(measures 4 x 6 inches closed)
Raeleen Kao
Raeleen Kao is a recipient of the Luminarts Cultural Foundation Fellowship in Visual Art, the Illinois Arts Council Agency Grant, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) Individual Artist Program (IAP) Grant, and is a Luminarts Newberry Library Fellow starting in 2021. Her work is represented by Bert Green Fine Art and at the CPC in Chicago and is in the permanent collections of the Kohler Art Museum, the Smith College Museum of Art, and the University of Richmond Rare Books & Special Collections. To learn more, visit Raeleen's WEBSITE.
Raeleen Kao
House of Baba Yaga, etching, 4 x 3 inches (plate)/ 8 x 7 inches (paper), $100
Raeleen Kao
Fifteen Weeks Gone, 3-plate etching, 3 x 1.5 inches (plate)/ 7 x 5.5 inches (paper), $125
Mandrake, 4-plate etching, 4 x 3 inches (plate)/ 8 x 7 inches (paper), $200
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small prints 2020
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"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time."
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
wood engraving by CPC artist Eric Hoffman
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