January 23, 2018

Municipal Election Dates – Oppose HB 7037!
HB 7037 (Government Accountability Committee) preempts to the state the authority to establish the dates of municipal elections. The bill will be considered by the House Public Integrity & Ethics Committee on Wednesday, January 24, at 11:30 AM. Please contact committee members and urge them to Oppose HB 7037.
  • The bill requires the governing body of a municipality to select the date for holding its election from among four options:  
  • The general election (November of even-numbered years)
  • First Tuesday after the first Monday in November of odd-numbered years
  • Third Tuesday in March odd-number year
  • Third Tuesday in March of even-numbered years
  • The bill establishes a format for runoff elections and allows elected municipal officers to continue in office until the next municipal election date is held in accordance with the bill’s requirements.
  • Decisions about the times and dates of municipal elections are local matters that will vary according to community needs and preferences.  

  • These purely local decisions should not be preempted by the state.  
Please contact members of the House Public Integrity & Ethics Committee and urge them to Oppose HB 7037!
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  • Decisions about times and dates of municipal elections are for our residents to decide. #LetCitiesWork http://bit.ly/2DwIqMJ
  • The state should not mandate when my city holds its elections. We know our residents best. Let us decide. #LetCitiesWork http://bit.ly/2DwIqMJ
  • Municipal elections are local matters. The state should focus on state issues and #LetCitiesWork. http://bit.ly/2DwIqMJ
Local, Federal & Veterans Affairs Subcommittee Members
Larry Metz, Chair (R-32)

Tom Leek, Vice Chair (R-25)

David Richardson (D-113)

Larry Ahern (R-66)

Jason T. Brodeur (R-28)

Cord Byrd (R-11)

Bob Cortes (R-30)

Kimberly Daniels (D-14)

Tracie Davis (D-13)
Jason Fischer (R-16)

Julio Gonzalez (R-74)

Lawrence McClure (R-58)

Amy Mercado (D-48)

Daniel Perez (R-116)

Kathleen M. Peters (R-69)

Sharon Pritchett (D-102)

Jake Raburn (R-57)

Emily Slosberg (D-91)
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