February 21, 2018
HB 7087 ( Ways and Means / Renner ), a taxation bill, will be considered by the House Appropriations Committee tomorrow at 1:00 PM.

An amendment has been filed to the bill that would preempt local governments from prohibiting the sale of any tangible good that is subject to a sales tax. Any prior ordinance would be void.
For example, with this amendment, cities could not:
  • Regulate the sale of septic tanks in certain areas
  • Enact zoning regulations that prohibit retail establishments in residential zones
  • Prohibit the sale of adult materials broadly or in certain areas
  • Determine exclusivity requirements in utility franchise agreements
If adopted, the amendment would become part of a larger tax cut package which would make it extremely difficult to kill. For that reason, it is important that you contact members of the House Appropriations Committee before Thursday’s committee meeting and ask them to vote NO on this amendment.  You are receiving this Alert because you have a Representative on the House Appropriations Committee.
Please contact members of the House Appropriations Committee and urge them to Oppose the Amendment to HB 7087!
Should you have any questions, please contact Amber Hughes at ahughes@flcities.com or 850-701-3621.
Thank you for your advocacy!

House Appropriations Committee – Oppose Amendment to HB 7087
Carlos Trujillo (R-105), Chair
(850) 717-5105
Jeanette Nunez (R-119), Vice Chair
(850) 717-5119
Larry Ahern (R-66)
(850) 717-5066
Ben Albritton (R-56)
(850) 717-5056
Lori Berman (D-90)
(850) 717-5090
Michael Bileca (R-115)
(850) 717-5115
Jim Boyd (R-71)
(850) 717-5071
Jason Brodeur (R-28)
(850) 717-5028
Janet Cruz (D-62)
(850) 717-5062
Travis Cummings (R-18)
(850) 717-5018
Manny Diaz (R-103)
(850) 717-5103
Bobby DuBose (D-94)
(850) 717-5094
Dane Eagle (R-77)
(850) 717-5077
Katie Edwards-Walpole (D-98)
(850) 717-5098
Bill Hager (R-89)
(850) 717-5089        
Blaise Ingoglia (R-35)
(850) 717-5035

Clay Ingram (R-1)
(850) 717-5001
Shevrin Jones (D-101)
(850) 717-5101
Kionne McGhee (D-117)
(850) 717-5117
Jared Evan Moskowitz (D-97)
(850) 717-5097

Larry Metz (R-32)
(850) 717-5032
George Moraitis (R-93)
(850) 717-5093
Jose Oliva (R-110)
(850) 717-5110        
Elizabeth Porter (R-10)
(850) 717-5010
Holly Merrill Raschein (R-120)
(850) 717-5120        
David Richardson (D-113)
(850) 717-5113
Ray Wesley Rodrigues (R-76)
(850) 717-5076        
Chris Sprowls (R-65)
(850) 717-5065        
Cynthia Stafford (D-109)
(850) 717-5109        
Richard Stark (D-104)
(850) 717-5104        

You can also use the League’s Contact Your Legislator advocacy tool to email lawmakers. Let us know you've responded by submitting an online Advocacy Action Report or emailing Allison Payne at apayne@flcities.com .

Thank you for your advocacy efforts!