March 6, 2018

Another Puppy Mill Preemption Amendment up Today in the House!

Amendments were filed this morning by Rep. Beshears to two Department of Agriculture bills that will be voted on today by the full House.

Amendments #424889 to SB 740 (Stargel) and #337831 to HB 553 (Raburn) would preempt the sale of domestic animals. 

The amendments prohibit local governments from prohibiting the sale or offering for sale of a domestic animal from dealers licensed by the USDA.

The amendments would nullify any existing ordinances that restrict the sale of cats, dogs or other pets. 

Please contact your Representatives immediately! 
Ask them to request the sponsor to withdraw the amendments. Ask them to oppose the amendments if they do not get withdrawn. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Rebecca O’Hara at or 850-701-3692.
Oppose the Beshears Amendments to Preempt Local Governments from Regulating Puppy Mills!
You can use the League’s Contact Your Legislator advocacy tool or click here for a list of the full House of Representatives. Let us know you've responded by submitting an online Advocacy Action Report or emailing Allison Payne at .
Thank you for your advocacy efforts!