Copy and paste the messages below to share on Twitter and Facebook to show your opposition to HB 773 & the Amendment to HB 883.

  • We have been down this road before. Stop interfering with local governments' ability to protect neighborhoods. #LetCitiesWork #OpposeHB773

  • Short-term rentals are over-commercializing neighborhoods and causing problems that cities want to fix. The Legislature should work with us, not against us. #LetCitiesWork #OpposeHB773

  • My city’s CRA is our community’s best tool for improving infrastructure, maximizing local resources and making long-lasting positive changes. #LetCitiesWork #RedevelopmentWorks

  • CRAs are successful because it provides specific public services without levying new taxes. No state money is involved. This is local tax dollars being put to work locally. #LetCitiesWork #RedevelopmentWorks