FLC Weekend Announcements
April 23, 2021
FLC seeks to encourage you to participate in the love of God for the sake of the world.
Clink on the link below for the approved
FLC Congregational Council meeting minutes.

Mid Week Meal
Wednesdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm

If questions please text or call Erika at
(402) 533-0918.

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021
We will be serving Chicken Casserole, fruit,
and dessert.
Donations for Saved to Serve Retreat

The NE Church Women are holding a weekend Saved to Serve retreat April 30 - May 2 at Carol Joy Holling Camp. We are collecting tangible offerings and $$$ for projects for Mosaic and Mosaic International and learning about their mission as well as filling 50 camp counselors' bags.  Items needed for projects include small Beanie Babies and fleece for blankets. Camper's bags (6x2x8) include sun screen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and more. Questions or want to attend? Call Emily Rasmussen

In-Person Worship

We are now having
in-person worship on Saturday evenings at
6 PM and Sunday
mornings at
Reservations will not be required at this time. 
Please read the April Ambassador for guidelines and additional information.

Prayer Shawls Needed!!

Recently, we gave away many of our prayer shawls as part of a service project with our Confirmation students. Therefore, we are in need of more prayer shawls so we can continue to have this important ministry!  
If you are interested in providing prayer shawls for 1st Lutheran, please contact Erika. She can provide more details regarding the size, color, etc. These homemade shawls are so, so important in caring for others in our community. Please spread the word, as well - if you know anyone who would enjoy creating prayer shawls for us, please refer them to Erika!! Thank you!!
We are still having "Heartbeat of First" Parade every Saturday from 3:00pm-3:30pm

You can still come to the parade on Saturday afternoons for everyone that watches the online service. This is a drive thru parade that will be held outside in the east parking lot.

There will still be opportunities for:

1. You will be able to pick up your Communion Cups

2. You will be able to drop off offering if you
would like

3.You can pick up the current Christ in Our Homes or monthly Ambassador if you need one
FLC Youth GARAGE SALE 2021!!

We will be holding another garage sale this summer to raise funds for our trip to the ELCA Youth Gathering in 2022!
We are now taking any and all donations for the sale. Please consider FLC Youth when deciding where to take your donations.
If you would like to donate items, please contact Erika at
 402-533-0918. Thank you!!

2021 VBS @ FLC!!

We are having VBS at FLC this summer!!
July 12-16, 2021
3 year olds - 5th graders in the 2020/21 school year
(older students are welcome to volunteer)
We need lots of adults to help lead this week of fun and faith for our children! If you are able and willing, please contact Erika!
There will also be a donation list coming out soon - if you would like to donate snacks and/or supplies - watch your eblasts!

The 2021 Nebraska Synod ELCA Assembly will be on-line SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 9am- 3pm. First Lutheran may have up to 6 delegates. Pastor Scott will be in the Fellowship Hall and delegates are invited to join him there (delegates may also participate from home). If interested, please contact Pastor Scott for registration details.
Please keep these people in your
thoughts and prayers
†Family of Roger Stork
†Jeff Gunderson - healing
†Scott Ross - healing
†Kyler, Sydney, and unborn baby, Keyson (nephew and family of Deb Henson) - strength & prayers
†Sharon Parsons - healing
†Georgia (great niece of Debbie Katt) -prayers & healing
†Ann Grinbergs - healing
†Kyler Reed - healing
†Arland Gross (father of Jerry Gross) - prayers & healing
†Justin Roberts-healing
†Malachi Chrans-surgery & healing
†Gary Ford-prayers & healing
†Dorothy Thomas-prayers & healing
†Kenneth Wilson (father of Melody Dubon) - healing
†Clyde Johnson - healing & prayers
†Scott & Katie Abrams - prayers & healing
†Jim Dinsmore
†Kay Melby (Angela Ulven and Kari Hernandez’s mother) - healing
†Mr. S. Akot - healing
†Patrick McKinnis - continued healing
†Blake Wilcox – prayers & healing
†Stacy Thompson Green (daughter of Marcy Bottorff) – prayers & healing
†Lisa Garcia – strength & healing
†Larry Kastrup – healing
†Leo Aguilar-Hicks – healing for Leukemia
†Lekura Parish
†Washington County Food Pantry
and all those we name in our hearts.

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