March/April 2016

Dear Friend of FLD:

It's a busy time of year here at Finger Lakes Distilling. We are working hard to get our facility ready for the tourist season which always seems to kick off right around our annual Kentucky Derby party. We hope you can join us this year, but get your tickets soon as they always sell out quickly (details below).

Jared and our production team are running at full capacity making lots of whiskey and other tasty FLD spirits. We've settled in to our new barrel house and have been working with our contractors to create some additional event and private tasting space in our old warehouse. We'll share pictures as that project develops.

My family and I recently returned from a successful sales trip to California where we're starting to see McKenzie whiskey and gin show up on more and more retail shelves and high-end bars and restaurants. We're also working with our West coast distributor to move our products into Nevada and Arizona, which is very exciting.

I hope you are all enjoying the early Spring and that you'll make a trip out to see us sometime soon.

Best regards,

Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie
Derby Party 2016!
May 7th, 5:00pm-8:00pm
     We are very excited to announce that tickets are on sale for our 7th Annual Kentucky Derby Party. Come for live music, drinks, tastings, cigars, tours, food, and the race, of course! 

Be there for a very special release of our Single Barrel Wheat Bourbon!

FLD Featured Staff
Glenn Grottenthaler

     We took some time to talk to one of our most veteran employees and tasting room manager, Glenn. Glenn shares what he loves about working at FLD, and his favorite spirits!

Aging Spirits  

Ever wonder how whiskey gets it's beautiful color? Does older always mean better? 

Get a deeper look into our own philosophy   on aging whiskey. From the spirit going into the barrel, to the barrelhouse itself!

Help Wanted!

     Would you like to take part in one of the most exciting tasting rooms on Seneca Lake? We are currently taking applications for Tasting Room Staff Members for the Spring and Summer seasons. If a part time position at the distillery interests you,
please fill out this application ( click here) and send it to jobs@fingerlakesdistilling.com. . 

     Featured Cocktail

      Black Truffle Manhattan
     2 oz. McKenzie Bourbon
     1 oz. Black Truffle infused Sweet Vermouth (Recipe Below)
     2 dashes Fee Brothers Aromatic Bitters
     Brandied Cherry for Garnish

     Black truffle infused Sweet Vermouth
     Put 0.5 oz of black truffle (shaved, canned parts, etc.) into 1 bottle of sweet vermouth          (750mL) and let steep for 48 hours. Then strain and re-bottle.

     To make the Manhattan
     Pour Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, and bitters into a mixing glass over plenty of ice. Stir          until chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a brandied cherry.

      Vintner's Mule
     2 oz. Vintner's Vodka
     1 tsp. Simple Syrup
     Juice from half a Lime
     Ginger Beer (or Ginger Ale)
     Lime Wheel and Mint Sprig (optional) to garnish

     Build cocktail by adding first 4 ingredients to rocks glass with ice. Garnish with lime              wheel and mint sprig.