Hasn't this whole year felt like one big balancing act? Well that's why we felt the Carnival theme was perfect for our Drive Thru Family Appreciation Event last Friday.

Space was limited but we were able to host around 150 cars and over 600 FLEC Family members with the help of our churches, vendors, sponsors and volunteers!
FLEC Family
One of the truly unique aspects of FLEC is the community it fosters. With over 600 students annually, the parents they represent, the grandparents that support, our thousands of alumni that often return as parents, the 6 constituent churches that form our foundation, our selfless sponsors, and nearly 80 staff members; we make up a diverse community with the goal of making today and tomorrow better while being focused on eternity. We have used the term "FLEC Family" to refer to this community for years, and finally decided to honor it with a logo. To all those who have been and currently are part of the FLEC Family, THANK YOU!
Church Involvement
A highlight of the event was to see our local churches participate right along with us! Next time you see these pastors, thank them for enduring the Florida heat all afternoon to spend a few moments with each of us!
Special thanks to our Ring Leaders (aka Family Engagement Leaders), Sheena Clark and Alicia Salagubang, for planning an excellent event! Thank you to our Friends of FLEC volunteers for your assistance with the prepping and decorating. These events are not possible without all of you!
Event Sponsors
Event Vendors
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