Spring Week of Prayer
Last week was our Spring Week of Prayer. Special thanks to Pastor Jennifer from Forest Lake Church for being the speaker at our PreK - 4th grade chapels and Pastor Dion Henry from Altamonte Springs Church for being the speaker at our 5th - 8th grade chapels.
PreK - 4th Grade Chapels
Pastor Jennifer provided videos to be included in the daily Spring Week of Prayer videos distributed to our PreK through 4th grade classrooms. Each day she started with the theme song, "God Loves Us So," reminding the students that God's love is unconditional and that He loves us more than we can ever know.

During our Spring Week of Prayer, we went along with Pastor Jennifer to visit Sarah’s Bakery, Zacchaeus’s Treehouse, Isaiah’s Ice Cream shop and Esther’s Boutique. We also had a visit with Bentley, who is Pastor Jennifer’s dog.

Pastor Jennifer taught us about different character traits like bravery, determination, and truthfulness. She taught us that we can ask Jesus to give us the same type of character traits that the Bible characters had because He is our very best friend, and He loves us so much! Jesus wants us to talk to Him each day and tell Him all about the things we are doing. We can even talk to Jesus when we are feeling sad, angry, frustrated, or scared. He wants to hear everything about us because He is always there for us. His love for us is eternal.
On Friday, Pastor Jennifer came to visit the students in person and brought Kelly's Ice Cream Truck with her to end the week with a sweet treat! Thank you Pastor Jennifer for sharing Jesus and ice cream with us!
5th - 8th Grade Chapels
Pastor Henry was able to be in person in the gym each day with the 5th through 8th grade students. He started the week by telling a riveting story about a time when God performed a miracle in his life. Pastor Henry and a friend were driving to Florida, right after Pastor Henry had stayed up all night studying and then taking a test. By the early morning the next day, Pastor Henry was very sleepy and actually fell asleep. He woke up to find a truck coming toward them. He prayed a short prayer for help and God sent an angel to pick up the car and put it safely on the side of the road. The week continued with amazing real-life stories, alongside the story of Samson. 

Samson had so many temptations which got in the way of his relationship with God. In the end, Samson was blind, chained and in prison, but he asked God for one more chance to do the right thing.

Just as God was always with Samson, even through his poor choices, God will be with us. God loves us more than we can ever know. He longs to be a part of our lives. He wants to live in our hearts. He will never give up on us, just as He never gave up on Samson.
“Pastor Henry’s spiritual lessons were very powerful. He seemed to say exactly what I needed to hear. He took the story of Samson and made me think of it from a different perspective.”

“Pastor Henry was like a spark that lit up the room.”

“Pastor Henry put a lot of emotion into his words to show us how amazing Jesus is.”

“Pastor Henry said, ‘God will not give up on you,’ and I will always remember that.”

“Pastor Henry taught me that I have value.”

“Pastor Henry’s sermons were unique because he always related the story of Samson to daily life and spiritual life.”
“This was the first time I ever got chills from a sermon.”

“The preacher caught my attention, and very few preachers catch my attention.”

“Pastor Henry is one of my favorite pastors because his stories have hidden meanings.”

“We had a great pastor this week. Pastor Henry was the best pastor I’ve seen and heard. I want him to come back again.”

“Pastor Henry was so passionate about the word he was speaking, and the energy he brought really hyped up the crowd.”
As you can tell, Pastor Henry made an incredible impression on our 5th through 8th grade students. Thank you, Pastor Henry, for sharing Jesus with us during our Spring Week of Prayer! We look forward to you coming back to speak to us again.
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