Odd Thoughts for God
Did you know that our 7th grade students published a devotional book? Keep reading as Mrs. Olivia Gold, 7th Grade Reading/Writing Teacher, describes how it came to be and where you can get you very own copy!
"We Should Write A Book"
“We should write a book.”

The comment had come from the corner of the classroom, where Christian G. leaned back precariously in his chair.  
I thought it over for a second. “You can write a book if you want to.” 

“Wait, what?” Christian’s chair feet thudded to the floor. 

“If you want to write a book, you can.” 

Heads popped up behind sneeze-guards like prairie dogs, and questions started flying from every direction. 

“Can we actually write one?” 

“Like, a real book?” 

“Would people read it?” 

“Could we write a devotional book?” 

“Do you think people would buy it?” 

“Will you help us?” 
I had planned what I anticipated to be a riveting nonfiction writing unit about hoaxes throughout history, but we immediately tossed those plans out the window and dove headfirst into writing object lessons about God. Each of the seventh-grade homerooms wanted to get involved, and the students formed teams to design the book, create a title, write the back cover, proofread for errors, and more. Thinking back on her role as a graphic-design team leader, Litsa R. shared, “It was fun to have my own team and choose what we wanted to do. I’ve never actually designed a book cover before, so it was fun to come up with ideas.”  

Besides sorting out the logistics of publishing a book, the students honed important writing skills through their devotional project. They learned about different types of writing hooks and experimented with fun-fact and middle-of-the-action introductions. They learned about transition sentences and how to switch from writing about a random object to writing about the Bible. They learned about callbacks and calls to action, and they wrote about their hope for others to know and love God. According to Amal B., “I felt like I had more responsibility writing this book because it would be shown to everybody—not just to my teacher.” Carter S. added, “It made me a better writer to know that somebody else would read what I wrote and it could change their life or how they look at God.”  

When our unit was finished, the students self-published their book, using Amazon’s printing services, and they were able to hold a physical copy of the book in their hands. Phillip M. said, “I was excited to see my name in our book,” and Darina Z. agreed, adding, “I think the most satisfying part about writing a book is seeing the product and actually reading my own book. That’s really cool.” More than anything, FLEC seventh-grade students hope that this book will be a blessing to others. Reflecting on her experience, Olivia A. shared, “It was really fun to write the book because I like helping other people, and when you’re writing a devotional, you’re helping other people grow closer to God.”
Get Your Copy Today!
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Getting to Know the Teacher
This is Mrs. Gold's fifth year teaching at FLEC. She loves that the students and teachers at FLEC have permission to experiment with learning and are encouraged to run with their creative ideas. When asked why she enjoys teaching 7th Grade Reading and Writing she said, "I spent the majority of my childhood writing little books and dreaming of becoming a published author someday. It's so crazy to me that now I get to write with my students every day, and it's all part of my job!"

A fun fact about Mrs. Gold is that in addition to her husband and two children, her family includes one cow, two sheep, two ducks, two cats, two dogs and ten chicken. Many of their animals have literary names, such as Mr. Darcy, Lizzie, Willoughby, Atticus and Penelope...just to name a few.
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