June 3, 2022
FLEC Flyer Summer Edition
Campus Improvement Journey
Where Did It All Go?

During a massive renovation project like this one, everything must go. As you can imagine, this presented us with a real challenge. A month or so prior to the end of the school year teachers began prepacking. Years' worth of supplies and decor were carefully evaluated and prioritized. One hallway even turned into a grab and go share center where one teacher's old became another teacher's new.

A week or so before the last day of school the gym was sectioned off into squares. Student desks and chairs along with boxes were numbered according to their classroom and gym squares were numbered to match helping ensure that when the time comes items make it back to their proper home.

It was a monumental task, but in a matter of a few days almost everything was removed from the main building and the gym was filled. We want to thank all the workers and teachers who help pull this off so construction could begin on time! 
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