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September, 2017 Vol 2, Issue 2
More jobs and  op portunities  at 
( The FLEX Alumni Website)
Reception in Ukraine
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of U.S.-Ukrainian diplomatic relations, American Councils will organize a reception on November 4, 2017 to highlight one of the most important aspects of the relationship, cultural exchanges.  Ukrainian alumni, apply to take part in this historic event before October 2,  here .
EEFAW Mentor and Participant Applications
Apply today to become a participant (alumni of all years) or a mentor (alumni of '94-'10) at the Eastern Europe FLEX-Ability Workshop.  Develop the FLEX Alumni community in your country as you develop scalable and sustainable community development projects.  Alumni living in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine are invited to apply for these opportunities by November 25,  here.
Global Leaders Fellowship
Are you a new or emerging non-profit leader?  The organization NonprofitCoach™  is accepting applications for the 2018 Global Leaders Fellowship program.  Learn more about this free-of-cost program that offers emerging non-profit leaders six months of coaching and networking with experts in the field.  Apply here no later than October 6, 2017.
Lika  and Giga have another important connection besides being  FLEX Alumni from Georgia, they recently celebrated their ninth anniversary!   They joined the FLEX Alumni team as i mentors at the #FLEXAbility17 workshop and helped young alumni find their voice and prepare their stories for the world. Watch their interview here. Do we have other FLEX families? Tell us your story!  ��
Corporate Finance Specialist from Russia Vyacheslav Kotov '99

The FLEX alumni network allows you to meet lots of talented people and develop professionally and personally. But many of us, including myself, do not make proper use of its potential. Let's stay in touch as much as we can - luckily it's much easier nowadays!",says FLEX alumnus as we start our conversation with Vyacheslav. Read the full interview here. 

Note from the Editor
In the August newsletter it was written that Yerik Tlekin '08 is from Kyrgyzstan. He is, in fact, from Kazakhstan. Please excuse my mistake!

FLEX Appreciation Day 
(27th September, 2017)
Annually, we celebrate FLEX and the people and organizations that make it  such a life changing program. Watch this  short video  to see how you can join the celebration as we highlight the funding and administrative organizations, the FLEX students and alumni, and the host families, communities, and schools that make the exchange possible. Get your own #ThankYouFLEX Facebook Frame via  this link.
The FLEX Alumni Photo/Video contest is an annual competition for FLEX alumni to submit photos and videos that they have taken during alumni activities. Submit your photos and videos that put a spotlight on the goals and the essence of the FLEX Alumni program from  August 25th - September 25, 2017  (11:59 PM Eastern Time). Click  here  to participate. Winning prize? Go Pro Hero Camera. You can vote for your favorite pictures  here.

A Trip Down Memory Lane
The FREEDOM Support Act (FSA), the U.S. Congressional bill that started off the FLEX program, is turning 25 this year! Stay tuned as festivities take place around the world to celebrate FSA and our favorite offshoot of the bill, FLEX!  Share your favorite moments from your FLEX year and alumni life by sending us pictures with a  description and date to
IDEAL Workshop with FLEX and YES Alumni
Follow the events of the IDEAL Alumni workshop in South East Europe where alumni developed community projects on human rights and gender equality, anti-corruption, art for social change, and civic engagement. Watch the final  #atIDEAL  video highlights  here.  You can read the full story about this workshop via  this link  on the FLEX Alumni website.  
FLEX Alumna Pitches World-Changing App at Google for 2017 Technovation Challenge
Aruzhan Koshkarova '16 from Kazakhstan in conversation with the CEO  of Google Sundar Pichai during the Technovation event.  Read more about her winning app in this interview with  Teen Vogue.

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