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As the summer months approach, FLEXLAB starts preparing for a new round of experiments that require testing at the peak solar conditions of the upcoming solstice. One set of tests is in support of utility incentive programs that go ‘Beyond Widgets’ to provide deeper savings through bundling multiple energy efficiency measures together. This was one of several research projects highlighted during a recent tour for Jennifer Granholm, Secretary for the U.S. Department of Energy.  

In May, we also celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) Heritage Month. Berkeley Lab hosted a series of events and published API heritage stories designed to inform, engage, and raise awareness while celebrating API people and accomplishments. Knowing our colleagues more intimately helps us to build a more inclusive environment and culture within our teams.

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Special Visit from Secretary Granholm

Mid-April, Jennifer Granholm, Secretary for the U.S. Department of Energy, hosted her Advisory Board meeting at Berkeley Lab. FLEXLAB had the pleasure of hosting Secretary Granholm and some of her board members for a tour of our facilities. Several researchers participated in the tour and discussed initiatives and projects that are at the forefront of accelerating building technologies and decarbonization. It was a great opportunity to highlight the critical research being done at FLEXLAB.

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Finalist in “Build Back Better” Regional Challenge

Berkeley Lab is part of a coalition competing for up to $100 million the Economic Development Agency’s (EDA’s) Build Back Better Regional Challenge. The coalition, led by Alameda County Waste Management Authority (StopWaste), is one of only 60 groups nationwide to be named a finalist in the $1 billion challenge. If selected, the project aims to increase affordable housing production while reducing waste, cutting emissions, and creating new jobs in the construction industry. FLEXLAB will be used to develop and improve construction products and approaches that will enable zero-emission, climate-resilient affordable housing.

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Staff Highlight: Steve Greenberg

Steve Greenberg has worked at Berkeley Lab for over 35 years, contributing to both building technologies R&D in the Energy Technologies Area and greening the Lab through the Facilities Division. During this tenure at the Lab, he has played an instrumental role in the development of FLEXLAB, and consequently in its support of a range of projects. His contributions have been fundamental to enabling the facility to conduct world class research. These include developing FLEXLAB's high accuracy power systems metering infrastructure and playing a key role in the design (and operation) of FLEXLAB's HVAC system, which was designed to replicate 'standard' commercial building operations, while also maintaining very close performance between two test cells. In addition to his contributions at FLEXLAB, Steve has been at the forefront of advancing technology and developing standards for energy efficiency in data centers in the United States and abroad. This June, we will give a joyful sendoff to Steve as he moves on to new adventures in retirement. He leaves behind a deep legacy and commitment to energy efficiency that will remain with all of us. He will be thoroughly missed, but we expect to stay in close touch.


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