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From the President's Desk...

Greetings from the FLHCC Board of Directors and Staff!  
FLHCC kicked off the month of May with a full house at our Annual National Conference.  

More than 200 attendees heard from national thought leaders about the future of our nation's health care system, how we can be "disrupters" and make a difference, and what we need to do as employers to fix what is broken. 

As we heard from our first speaker of the day, Dr. Steven  Berkowitz, one of the most exciting changes happening is  personalized medicine.  Typically, testing is done after the patient develops symptoms and accesses the health care system. With personalized medicine, testing can be done up front.  For example, testing right after birth can determine lifetime risks for specific diseases and responses to medication, saving lives and preventing complications. 

Dr. Martin Makary, author of Unaccountable , explained an exciting new effort, Practicing Wisely, to measure the appropriateness of medical care, identify unnecessary procedures, tests, and medications, as well as low-value care and overt waste in the system.  For those of you who were interested in purchasing his book, you can order it here.

Founding CEO of The Leapfrog Group and Executive Director of Catalyst for Payment Reform Dr. Suzanne Delbanco gave an informative and eye-opening update on the adoption of alternative health care payment models and shared predictions of what is likely to happen next in moving toward value-based delivery and payment. Did you know that 13% of purchasers currently offer high-performance provider networks (that number could rise to 56% by 2018) and 22% of employers have onsite or near-site health centers (that number is expected to grow to 40% by 2018)

We also heard from our  Choosing Wisely (a division of Consumer Reports) partner Dom Lorusso who shared an overview of their work in educating consumers on how to make better decisions about their own health care.  To learn more about this campaign or to download helpful material, visit FLHCC's Choosing Wisely site at
This month, FLHCC is launching a new statewide collaborative on employer-based strategies to reduce opioid use, called "Better Pain Management."   We hope you are able to join us for a webinar on this topic, "The Opioid Crisis In America's Workforce," led by Chris Whaley, Ph.D. on May 9. 

Also in this newsletter, you will find information about our sponsor Genentech and their Love Your Colon Initiative, our community collaboration with the Colorectal Cancer Community Committee, The Leapfrog Group Hospital Safety Grade Update and our upcoming "Best of the Best" event in September. 

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Karen van Caulil, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Upcoming Events

"Better Pain Management" Webinar
May 9, 2017
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

"Best of the Best"
September 13, 2017
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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The Latest on Leapfrog 

A lot has been happening  related to Leapfrog .   On April 21, the  Spring 2017 Hospital  Safety Grades were  released.  As a state,  Florida ranked 35th with  39 out of 175 hospitals  receiving an A grade.  We have a lot of work to do!  To see how  your local hospital is doing, 

On April 1, the 2017 cycle  of the Hospital Safety  Survey opened. This year,  FLHCC invited 225  hospitals to complete a  survey.  To date, we have  received 28   intents from hospitals to  complete the survey. To  see how your local hospital  is doing, or if they  complete a survey,

And finally, The Leapfrog 
Group has partnered with  Castlight to create reports  on specific areas using the  2016 Hospital Safety  Survey results. Released  today is the Medication  Safety Report.   Click here
for all the reports released  so far, this year. 

If you have any questions about these efforts, please contact Ashley Tait-Dinger, Director, Quality & Value Measurement at Ashley@flhcc.org.
FLHCC Community Collaboration

The Florida Health Care Coalition recently joined the Colorectal Cancer Community Committee since the Fall of 2016.  The Coalition understands the importance of identifying innovative ways to encourage its member groups and covered lives of the value in seeking preventive care. 

Coalition staff has provided useful feedback to the group on developing the most effective means of approaching and encouraging its members and covered lives to obtain colorectal cancer screenings, particularly for individuals 50 years of age and older.  The Coalition initially came on board as the workgroup was reviewing various marketing materials with the hopes of refining the necessary language and presentation of the materials to instigate behavioral change with their identified target populations.

In addition, the Coalition and the workgroup distributed a cancer screening survey in March to the Coalition's member groups to learn more about their efforts with respect to colorectal cancer screening.

Most recently the group has been examining the Colorectal Cancer Screening Strategic Model, a multi-dimensional approach of attempting to understand the factors that encourage and/or discourage individuals from seeking colorectal cancer screening.  The ultimate goal of the model is to identify optimal strategies to increase the percentage of people 50 years of age and older obtaining colorectal cancer screenings.  The Model has been useful in sparking conversations that will eventually lead to the development of outreach materials that will best reach the intended target groups as well as possible funding opportunities related to colorectal cancer screening.

If you're interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact Lolita Dash-Pitts, CCHW, Facilitator of the Colorectal Cancer Community Committee at   ldashpitts@gmail.com.
or (727) 804-2868.
Pain Management Collaborative
FLHCC is launching a new statewide collaborative on employer-based strategies to reduce opioid use called "Better Pain Management."   The kickoff meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 9, 2017 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. via Webinar.

Karen van Caulil, President & CEO of the Florida Health Care Coalition, will share the results of an Employer Pain Management Survey and take a deeper dive into the importance of how FLHCC's initiative can impact statewide policy and enhance community engagement on this national issue.

Also joining Karen is Associate Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation and Assistant Adjunct Professor of Health Policy and Management at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Chris Whaley.  He will discuss "The Opioid Crisis in America's Workforce."

Click here to register for this event.  We have limited slots for this event, so register today!

If you have questions, please contact Karlene Lucas at Karlene@flhcc.org.

Did you know that colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women?
In April 2015, Genentech started the Love Your Colon (LYC) initiative to raise awareness of colorectal cancer and the importance of screening among all audiences-including payers, employers, health care providers and members of the community.  With the ever-changing health care landscape, many employers are addressing the impact that serious conditions like cancer, especially colorectal cancer, can have on their company.
As employers, do you know your role in improving screening rates and decreasing colorectal cancer incidence?  Love Your Colon provides the tools needed for employers to encourage employees to get screened, which may help prevent colorectal cancer among employees (and their family members) and mitigate both losses in productivity and the potential loss of valued employees.  By engaging in active communication and promoting screening, employers have the ability to make a lasting and important difference in the lives of employees.
So how can you talk to your employees about early screening and preventing colorectal cancer?  You want to educate them on their benefits and what screening options are available to them, engage in active communication about screening and healthy life choices and provide data on the risks of CRC.
Think about this.  If everyone 50 years of age or older had regular screening, as many as 60% of deaths from colorectal cancer could be prevented through early
detection and removal of precancerous polyps.

Learn  more about early screening for CRC and how you, as employers, can help minimize the impact of CRC in the workplace, www.loveyourcolon.org/employers .

Below are a few employer-based statistics on the results of early detection and cancer screening promotion from a recent Genentech Oncology Trend Report.
  • Sixty-two employers (31.0%) invest in early detection and cancer screening promotion as part of their wellness initiatives, supplementing health plan resources.  These 62 employers rated their corporate commitment to early cancer detection highly, averaging 8.32 (using a10-point scale, where 10 indicates the highest support level), with 20 employers rating this commitment a 10.
  • Employers promote early screening through company newsletters (46.8%), third-party communications from health plans and cancer awareness organizations (45.2%), company intranet reminders and/or health fairs (43.5%), and employer-sponsored workplace campaigns in conjunction with national cancer advocacy campaigns (30.6%).
  • Nearly one fourth of the employers (24.2%) offer financial incentives for cancer screenings.
To see the full report, click here.
SAVE THE DATE: "Best of the Best"

The "Best of the Best" event is a favorite for our employer members since it showcases real world programs that have been instituted by large employers in other parts of the country.

FLHCC invites three employers to present their leading edge programs. Subjects that have been covered include telehealth, pharmacy access for chronic conditions, on-site and near-site medical care, consumer engagement and more. 
We hope you can join us in September!
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