All Saints FLOCK Newsletter - 12/4
FLOCK Upcoming Zooms
Dear FLOCK families,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your families doing well. Please know that you are all in my prayers everyday for safety and good health during these difficult times. If there is any way that I or All Saints clergy/staff can be of assistance to your family, please contact me anytime.

Celebrating the Saints is a great way to embrace new Advent, faith and family-focused traditions in your home. Here are some suggestions for the upcoming week.

All the catechists are looking forward to the December Zooms with your children - we hope to see you virtually very soon!

Peace and Advent blessings,

Emily Mulvey

1st Grade - Sunday, 12/13 at 9:00 am

2nd Grade - Sunday, 12/6 at 9:00 am OR Monday, 12/7 at 7:00 pm

3rd Grade - Sunday, 12/13 at 9:00 am

4th Grade - Sunday, 12/6 at 9:00 am

5th Grade - Sunday, 12/13 at 10:00 am

6th Grade - Sunday, 12/13 at 11:00 am

7th/8th Grade - Sunday, 12/6 at 9:00 am OR Tuesday, 12/8 at 7:00 pm
Gospel reading for older children and teens
Gospel and reflection for kids
Gospel in Story Mode