August 2018
The Latest in Transportation
Trucking’s Tight Capacity Squeezes U.S. Businesses  
With shipping costs rising and freight volumes outpacing the supply of available trucks, many companies are resetting their supply chains for what some believe is a new, more expensive era in freight transport. 

Trucking companies swamped with demand are turning down freight and raising contract rates by 10% or more, with further increases expected next year. Many are boosting pay to recruit drivers in a tight labor market and say the price increases are justified after rates remained stagnant for many years. 
FMCSA Reforming Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Program
Complying with an order from Congress issued in 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released a report on how it plans to proceed in reforming its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program to better achieve CSA’s goal of identifying unsafe trucking companies.

The leading reforms outlined in the 10-page report include replacing the existing CSA Safety Measurement System with a new scoring system.
The agency hopes to begin testing a new scoring calculation method on “a small scale model” by September, with a full-scale model test to potentially follow in April 2019.
Driver Spotlight
Congratulations to FLS Driver Michael Peyton for celebrating his 25th Anniversary with FLS! Mike joined FLS in June 1993 and was brought on by Ron Ruiz, himself a 27 year veteran of Fundamental.

In addition to becoming a father three times during these years, Mike has worked with hundreds of customers and has taken thousands of runs. Mike has brought his skills, breadth of experience, and knowledge of transportation to our customer base. He is a true partner with FLS and has been instrumental in starting up new clients, helping out in remote locations, taking tough assignments and going above and beyond the call of duty. Mike, who is formally an FLS Driver Liaison, has also mentored many FLS drivers, training and encouraging them over the years.

Many at FLS consider Mike not just a colleague but a friend. His smile and his enthusiasm are always welcome at FLS and at our customers. We have thoroughly enjoyed having him on our team.

It is quite an accomplishment to reach 25 years of service with one company. In honor of this 25th year of service milestone, FLS presented him a 25 year glass plaque - and took him deep sea fishing. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience which included the sighting of many whales and dolphins and the landing of an 80 pound tuna!
Weeklong Brake Inspection Blitz Set for Sept. 16-22
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has set Brake Safety Week for September 16-22. Truck inspectors will ramp up enforcement specifically on brakes. Expect full Level I inspections, the most thorough inspection.
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