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In the current issue of the OncoWuXi Newsletter, we share with you the update on FLT3, RET, and RAF-MEK1/2 related tumor models.

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Targeted Oncology
(1)  FLT3 background
  • FLT3 biology
  • Summary of FLT3 inhibitors

(2)  FLT3-related CDX models
  • MV4-11 leukemia CDX model, validated with Sunitinib, Quizartinib, and TAK-659

(3)  FLT3-ITD engineered cell lines
  • Ba/F3-FLT3-ITD, Ba/F3-FLT3-ITD-F691L and Ba/F3-FLT3-ITD-D835Y cell lines, validated with Ponatinib, Sunitinib, and Sorafenib in vitro
  • Newly established MV4-11 cell line overexpressing FLT3-ITD-F691L or FLT3-ITD-D835Y

(1)  RET background
  • RET biology
  • Summary of RET inhibitors

(2)  RET-related CDX models
  • TT thyroid and LC-2/ad lung cancer CDX models

(3)  RET engineered cell lines
  • Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-WT, Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-V804L and Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-V804M cell lines, validated with Ponatinib, Sunitinib and Sorafenib in vitro
  • Ba/F3-CCDC6-RET-WT, Ba/F3-CCDC6-RET-V804M and Ba/F3-CCDC6-RET-V804L cell lines, validated with Cabozantinib, Vandetanib, Lenvatinib, Sunitinib, Regorafenib and Pralsetinib in vitro
  • Newly established Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-G810R and Ba/F3-KIF5B-RET-G810S cell lines

(1)  RAF-MEK1/2 background
  • RAF-MEK1/2 pathway biology
  • Summary of RAF or MEK1/2 inhibitors

(2)  RAF-MEK1/2 related CDX models
  • HT29 colon cancer, A375 melanoma, A549 and NCI-H358 lung cancer CDX models, validated with Trametinib
  • COLO 829 melanoma and DU4475 breast cancer CDX models, validated with Dabrafenib
  • COLO 205 colon cancer and SK-MEL-28 melanoma CDX models, carrying BRAF V600E mutation

(3)  RAF-MEK1/2 related PDX models
  • 7 PDX models covering melanoma, pancreatic cancer and colon cancer, carrying BRAF V600E mutation
  • ME-21-0001 melanoma PDX model, validated with Dabrafenib

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