The Fly A Kite Foundation recently recognized three outstanding Lynbrook, NY students for their academic achievement, leadership in sports, character among their peers and an overall outstanding member in their community. The awards are modeled after the characteristics Zachary Bernstein displayed throughout his life and during his cancer care. The Fly A Kite Foundation is proud to recognize...Mr. Anthony Molina, Ms. Ali Quadrozzi and Ms. Grace Collins
Zachary Bernstein Character & Commitment Award
The Zachary Bernstein Character and Commitment Award is presented to one male and one female senior varsity soccer athlete for their over all commitment to academics and athletics. The candidates selected are high achievers who are recognized by their coaches for their leadership skills, commitment to team, perseverance and never give up attitude. They are outstanding young adults who have significant character and are highly respected. The 2017 Zachary Bernstein Character and Commitment awards were presented to Mr. Anthony Molina and Ms. Ali Quadrozzi.
Zachary Bernstein Achievement Award
The Zachary Bernstein Achievement Award recognizes an individual for their commitment to academics, social responsibility, conduct with their pears and one who overcame a life changing obstacle.    

Ms. Grace Collins is a Lynbrook Junior High graduating 8th grade student. Ms. Collins has risen above her adversities to become an active leader, a top academic, an exceptionally talented artist and a highly respected member of the community.  The Fly A Kite Foundation was honored to present this years 2017 Zachary Bernstein Achievement Award to Ms.Grace Collins. 
Fly A Kite To Host A Kite Designing Event At NYU
For a second year in a row, the Fly A Kite Foundation will host a kite designing event at Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, NYU Langone. Our staff and volunteers get together to work with the children of Hassenfeld and help design and construct kites. This is an incredibly therapeutic program for the children, as the program provides a fun distraction while in treatment or waiting for care. We plan to continue our partnership with NYU and look to host similar events in area hospitals serving children with all forms of pediatric cancer
We are proud to be your foundation, serving the local community and beyond. Without the generosity of our community, we would not be able to host these events and provide grants and scholarship awards to these outstanding students. We are always looking for continued support. Please click the donate button below to make a contribution. From all of us at the Fly A Kite Foundation, Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts. Have a great summer.

David Bernstein,Co-Founder and President, The Fly A Kite Foundation.
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