FMLink Weekly News Digest I June 1, 2022
Pay scales for 10 individual titles broken down by geography, building type, budget, facility size, experience, and much more

(Originally published in fnPrime) The primary purpose of the Facility Management Salaries And Compensation e-book is to help facility managers attract and retain talent to manage their buildings in a competitive labor market. The survey results show facility staff how their individual compensation matches up with industry benchmarks.

Currently, there is a demand for nearly every position in facility management, and it doesn’t help that candidates are hard to come by. Many facility managers report that they struggle to attract candidates for all positions — ranging from frontline technicians all the way to six-figure C-level titles. This problem will only get worse as current employees retire. The median age for all positions in this e-book was in the 50s, with one title as high as 59. In just a few years, the facility management industry will experience massive turnover.

The Gridd adaptive cabling distribution system enables a building to adapt to inevitable technology changes, remain highly functional and operational, and saves money at every stage of its life cycle. An original contributor to the circular economy, Gridd’s fluid, modular design enables moves, adds, and changes without the mess of traditional cabling methods. If a facility manager can avoid contributing to the waste stream, that’s also an added benefit to the company’s ESG commitment. 

The Gridd Mobile App makes it even easier for FMs, IT teams, electricians, and maintenance personnel to make power and data cabling. Gridd Mobile provides augmented reality (AR), technical support, as-built drawings, how-to videos, original site pictures, and product information conveniently accessible on a smartphone or tablet.

Gridd Mobile allows facility techs to see exact power, voice, and data cabling locations through the floor in an instant, making systems’ changes quick and easy. Gridd Mobile improves the life of your facility, allowing future facility teams, even years from now, to make moves, adds, and changes to the same space with ease. When using Gridd Mobile, there is no knowledge lost between teams.

In one of the first surveys of its kind, design firm HOK and flooring manufacturer Tarkett asked neurodiverse individuals in the U.S., UK and Canada to share how their work environments could better cater to their jobs and personal needs. Genius Within, an organization dedicated to helping neuro-minorities maximize their potential, provided advisory services as the team built on in-depth research and insights by HOK and the commercial interiors color specification guide developed by Tarkett to help businesses design for inclusion.

Neurodiversity refers to variations in human neurocognitive functioning — the different ways we think, process information, and relate to others. One in seven people worldwide are estimated to have a neurodiverse condition such as ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia or Tourette’s syndrome.

NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, has released a new on-demand course, Fundamentals of Adaptive Reuse. Learners will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the adaptive reuse approach, methods for evaluating whether an adaptive reuse project is worth pursuing, crucial steps of the due diligence phase, the key players that make up an effective project team, and the funding available for financing these types of projects. The course explores each step in the adaptive reuse process, outlines common challenges and solutions, and evaluates diverse adaptive reuse projects through real-world case studies.

  • Course: Fundamentals of Adaptive Reuse
  • Course length: 3 hours/7 modules
  • Level: Introductory/Intermediate
  • Designed for: Developers, owners, investors and architects
  • Course access: Take up to 90 days to complete this course

Landscape Forms, a North American designer and manufacturer of high-design site furniture, structure, LED lighting and accessories, recently introduced the Air Collection, a family of lightweight, recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) seats and benches designed in collaboration with its long-time partner Escofet.

Of value to facilities managers (FMs) working to facilitate work, learning, rejuvenation and collaboration in underused outdoor spaces, the Air Collection is inspired by the concept of “lightness,” both as a physical characteristic and as an aesthetic captured in the playful and colorful presence the collection brings.

Constructed of rotomolded HDPE with hollow interiors, the Air Collection’s five seating elements translate Escofet’s bold, iconic aesthetic to a material that’s light, durable and versatile — well suited for adaptable and programmable outdoor spaces, indoor spaces, transition spaces, and on rooftops, decks and balconies.

NeoCon 2022 is expected to host a large number of facilities managers, college and university planners, and other workplace professionals as they investigate resources for transforming their offices to meet worker expectations and learning environments that respond to teachers and students following the pandemic. From June 13-15, NeoCon will offer daily on-site keynotes and special programs as well as 47 virtual CEU-accredited programs from leading industry experts from a wide cross-section of fields. The sessions will span eight program tracks: Workplace, Healthcare, Education, Facilities, Wellness, Sustainability, Design Skills, and Industry Direction and delve into the topics that are making an impact on the design industry.

The Facilities and Workplace tracks offer CEU-accredited sessions on the latest in facility design and management topics, and today’s fundamental shifts in work and the workplace. The McMorrow Reports / FMLink editorial team plans to attend all of these sessions, which will be available live online as well as anytime on demand through July 15, 2022.

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