UMass FMCH Tuesday Talk - June 7, 2022/CLINICAL
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Table of Contents
Message From The Chair
Upcoming Events
Focus of the Week - Clinical
Faculty Presentations/Publications
Department Member Recognition
Frankly Speaking Podcast
Clinical Services Spotlight
Message From The Chair

As this academic year draws to a close, Family Medicine’s clinical expertise and teaching strength was recognized by the T.H. Chan School of Medicine Class of 2022 with Outstanding Faculty and House Officers Awards going to Mike Ennis, Frank Domino, Mary Lindholm, Henry DelRosario and Kristina Gracey (five out of 20 awardees!) and residents:  Laurel Banach, Maegan Pollard and Stephany Giraldo Eierle (three of nine awardees!). A summary of the awards is here:  If you scan the list of student awardees, you will find many students mentored by FMCH faculty. Congrats to all for this well-deserved recognition!
Upcoming Events

FMCH Grand Rounds
Tuesday, June 7th, 12:00 - 1:00 pm. "Quality Improvement Project Presentations" presented by Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency Program, Red Team: Abby Gyamfi, MD and Paul Kehoe, MD; Blue Team: Thomas Wickham, DO and Shaili Patel, MD and Worcester Family Medicine Residency Program, Laurel Banach, MD, Julia Bindon, MD, Sarah Bou-Nader, MD, Daniel Crothers, MD, Rebecca Gwaltney, MD, Maggie Pollard, MD, Brittany Reid, MD, Laura Schoerning, DO, Lyndsey Stadtmueller, MD, Judy Wang, MD and Pratiksha Yalakkishettar, MD.
Meeting ID: 191 986 273 Passcode: FMCH

Psychiatry Grand Rounds
Thursday, June 9th, 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Becky Stoll, LCSW presents: "Developing and Implementing Zero Suicide in Mental Health Outpatient Settings: Challenging but Doable".
Meeting ID: 818349233 Password: PsychGR1
Focus of the Week - Clinical

Health Equity and the Well Child Care Visit
  • Health Equity in healthcare means that every patient can achieve their full potential of health. 
  • The American Academy of Family Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatrics support the prevention of illness from ages 0 to 21 years old.
  • Through our Well Child Health Equity Initiative, we are committed to improving the care of all children.
  • Key ways to improve well-child visits:
  • Remind parents about the importance of visits.
  • Evaluate social determinants of health that might impact getting to visits. 
  • If a child comes for an emergency visit, consider doing the WCC visit at that visit.
  • Schedule WCC visits for newborns before leaving the hospital. 
  • Educate parents about the schedule for WCC visits. 

The work of NEAETC was highlighted in a blog by Harold Philips, Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy for The White House. NEAETC has launched a four-part webinar series on providing mental health care to people with HIV in primary care settings, covering depression, pharmacotherapy for depression, anxiety disorders, and trauma- and stressor-related disorders. Three of the sessions are led by Jordan Howard-Young. The blog is here: The Key Role of Mental Health Services in Ending the HIV Epidemic |

From Jen Reidy:  As a member of the statewide task force to reform the MOLST program and bring it into compliance with national POLST, please share this job opportunity at the MA Executive Office of Elder Affairs which is looking to hire a Program Manager for the new POLST Program. This program is important because it seeks to ensure seriously ill patients' treatment preferences are honored at end of life via the MOLST/POLST form. Deadline for applicants is June 12th. The MOLST program started many years ago at UMass and Commonwealth Medicine, so it would be wonderful for our institution to stay involved every step of the way!

FMEC Annual Conference - Opportunity for Students
Student Scholarships are available for the FMEC annual conference in Arlington Virginia September 16-18th. Please encourage students with interest in Family Medicine to attend. There is a call for student poster presentations open until July 30th if they have an interesting project to present this is a great opportunity.  
Faculty Presentations/Publications

Carolyn Langer, MD, JD, MPH was co-author on an article published in Pediatrics, "Financing care for children and youth with special health care needs in the next decade: reducing burden, advancing equity, and transforming systems"Pediatrics. June 2022;149(suppl 7).   

Department behavioral health faculty members were co-authors on two recent papers discussing behavioral health screening in primary care. Daniel Mullin, PsyD MPH is a co-author on a review of the evidence supporting behavioral health screening in adults. The second paper was co-authored by Jenna Mullarkey, PsyD and reports on trends in screening for behavioral health concerns in children.
Martin, M. P., McEntee, M. L., Mullin, D., Suri, Y., & Eeghen, C. van. (2022). "Patient Screening for Integrated Behavioral Health in Adult Primary Care: A Rapid Review of Effective Procedures". Families, Systems, & Health.
Mathews, T. L., Klepper, C. N., Roberts, H. J., Paff, M. L., Mullarkey, J. P., & Jordan, P. (2022). "Screening for Pediatric Behavioral Health in Primary Care in Rural and Urban Clinics". Families, Systems, & Health.
Department Member Recognition

UMass Chan 2022 Graduation Awards:
Congratulations to the following award winners including:
Family Medicine Residency Bound Graduates (Residency): 
MLK Semester of Service Award
  • John Romano (Greenfield) 
  • Rachel Anderson (Greenfield) 

Gold Humanism Honor Society
  • Bronwyn Wada-Gill (Greater Lawrence ) 
  • Brennan Dagle (HFHC) 

Leonard Tow Humanism Award 
  • Bronwyn Wada-Gill (Greater Lawrence) 

Ann Nemitz Award
  • Bronwyn Wada-Gill (Greater Lawrence)
  • Collin Leibold (University of Virginia)

AOA Honor Society
  • Brennan Dagle (BFHC)
Frankly Speaking Podcast

A weekly Podcast series covering newsworthy topics in primary care medicine.

Please join us for an overview: Clinicians (and patients) know that walking is beneficial for overall health, but what are the specifics? How many steps per day lower health risks? What impact does walking have on mortality? What's the best way to count steps? Join us to hear answers to these questions and more as we discuss evidence-based recommendations for steps/day. Guest: Jill M. Terrien, PhD, ANP-BC, presents: "Step It Up! But by How Much?". - Frankly Speaking Ep 279.
Clinical Services Spotlight:

  • Confirmed Cases 1,725,219.
  • The 7-day average percent positivity is 7.73%.
  • There are 665 hospitalizations with 70 in the ICU and 19 intubated. 

  • COVID cases in house are 36. Of the 36, 24 (67%) are fully vaccinated. 
  • Of the 7 in the ICU, 5 are fully vaccinated. 
  • Current 7-day average positivity rate - 13.2%.

  • 911 cases have been identified outside of Africa in 3 weeks.
  • 24 cases have been identified in the US.
  • Two confirmed variants were identified in the US.
  • Symptoms may be present up to 3 weeks before diagnosis.
Wellness Resources

The Caring for the Caregiver Program provides resources such as the Caregiver Support Line (508-334-HELP) and The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers a variety of services and supports (including virtual peer support and wellness tips. EAP can be accessed at 866-263-3525, or, [company code UmassMemorial]. More information is available on the Caring for the Caregiver page.

You are invited to become a member of the Department Wellness Committee. Key goals for this year include improving the efficiency of use with the Electronic Health Record. Watch your email for future training sessions.
Working on Wellness
Yoga Classes with Dr. Liz Erban

Classes have resumed!!

Great time to join!
This is a great time to join, new members always welcome. Start your mid week with some relaxing yoga! 

Please join for early morning gentle yoga, Wednesday mornings 6:30am via Zoom.
Join Zoom Meeting ID: 923 9393 3653 Passcode: 764113
Zumba with Dr. Anna Zheng

All classes both in-person and over ZOOM are on hold until week of Thursday, June 23rd

Please note details and any changes via webpage: ZOOM still an option for all classes.
Much appreciation to Dr. Anna Zheng for hosting these outstanding classes. New to the class? Please email Dr. Zheng at [email protected] to register, complete brief health screen if it's your first class and the ZOOM link.