January 2024

Dear FMCI family and friends,


May 2024 be a year filled with His blessings and breakthroughs for all of us! 


The apostle Paul’s ministry often documented the connection of opportunities to advance the Gospel of Christ with opposition standing against those opportunities! In his own words, he declares this in 1 Corinthians 16:9 — “a wide door for effective service has opened to me, but there are many adversaries.”

In simple terms, we could say: “opportunity is accompanied by opposition.” This is amply illustrated throughout Paul’s ministry. Perhaps the most dramatic one is his dangerous trip to Rome recorded in Acts 27 and 28. The open door for Paul, a Roman citizen, was to stand before the Roman emperor and personally declare to him and his palace guards the Gospel of the Kingdom. 


Paul describes and defines this opportunity to advance the gospel as a great (mega in the Greek) and effectual (energes in the Greek) DOOR. In other words, the door is wide and provides access. Plus, it will have divine energy to succeed in the apostolic mission! Dr. Luke records in Acts 14:27 how the Lord Himself had opened a door of faith for Paul and Barnabas to go to the Gentiles!


Great and effectual doors are open to the Ekklesia-Church in our day! Despite the opposition, we need to walk right in and proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of the King and His Kingdom! WE have wide open access to the following open doors:


1.   The 3rd Great Awakening.

2.   Revival and reformation of the Church. The recent outbreaks of the Holy Spirit at Asbury University and many other colleges across America declare that revival is here and very accessible!

3.   Global harvest. The Body of Christ is growing on the continents of the earth faster than the population growth. This includes Israel and a number of Muslim nations. (I recommend reading The Triumph of Christianity by Baylor University professor, Rodney Stark).

4.   The turnaround and reset of the USA. There is an unrelenting remnant that refuses to get down off the wall of intercession, declarations, and decrees on behalf of our beloved, though beleaguered nation.

5.   The release of the supernatural power of the Lord God.

6.   The increasing release of revelation through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. As John ascended by the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, recorded in Revelation 4:1, we can go through the same open door that he entered!

7.   Accessing the doors of civil governments to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom. Paul’s mission to Rome was successful as we see that his effectual ministry resulted in the conversion of a number in Caesar’s household and guards (see Philippians 4:22).


Pray for us and FMCI that we advance in 2024! Doors are wide open and opposition is overcomeable!


Brother Jim