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Dr. Beth Careyva talks about her first FMEC meeting.

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Registration:  2017 FMEC Annual Meeting
November 10-12, Renaissance Cleveland Hotel


What does a "variable reinforcement contingency" have to do with the Cleveland Browns? Listen in as Erik Berko, PhD a psychologist with Metrohealth makes sense of "fan loyalty". 

The Opioid/Heroin/Substance Abuse crisis,   like the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 80's, is creating havoc in all our communities. The NY State Chapter of the AAFP has created a resource that can help Family Physicians and others. I encourage you to read the material in this issue of their Journal and to share it with your contacts.  
In these days of polarization and increased distance between people
and groups that hold divergent opinions and with people experiencing conflict, it is helpful to use a broad array of strategies to reduce the distance between people. 

Walking together may build bridges. 

This brief blog posting offers a reason to think that walking together may help build connections that reduce conflict. Perhaps the family or couple that walks together, stays together. Perhaps the team members who walk together, work more effectively together.   Take a moment to read this posting:
Family Physicians have a long tradition of protecting their patients from the medical industrial complex. In recent years, Pharma has grown and the umber of unnecessary medications that are prescribed has grown. Time to "deprescribe".

This issue is highlighted in the Consumer Reports September 2017 issue. 


Ranit Mishori, MD, MS of Georgetown University Department of Family Medicine is featured in the issue. Please take a look.

The other dimension of the response to too much medication involves the Healthy Living Disease Reversal movement. Why commit to a life of medical management for many chronic conditions when it is possible to reverse the disease through nutrition and exercise.
Come to the 2017 FMEC Annual Meeting in Cleveland November 10-12, 2017 to learn more. 
Congratulations to the FACTS Team for receiving 
the AAFCP Outstanding Research Paper of the Year!

Recently, at the American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals meeting,  Dr. Marguerite Duane and Dr. Alison Contreras were delighted to accept the AAFCP Outstanding Research Paper of the Year award on behalf of our entire FACTS research team for our article entitled: