FMEC in Focus - May, 2018
Join us at the  Hilton Westchester!
Rye Brook, New York
November 9-11

Theme:   Family Medicine State of Mind:  Spreading the News 

2018 FMEC Annual Meeting

November 9-11
Rye Brook, New York


th Annual Integrative Medicine for the Underserved Conference

Justice & Equity in Policy and Practice

June 21-23, 2018

George Washington University
Washington, D.C.

DPC Summit

July 13-15, 2018

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Penn State
Penn State College of Medicine 50th Anniversary
Reunion:  Sept 21-22

Honoring 50 years of Family and Community Medicine

2018 Special Tracks
Preparing to Succeed in Practice

Procedures for Residents, Faculty and Community-based Family Physicians

Osteopathic Medicine

Medicine and the Fine Arts

Responding to the Primary Care Workforce challenge

Chronic Pain/Opioids/Substance abuse

Promoting Healthy Living Through Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine

Maternal Child Health

Rural Health

Global Health

Showcase FM research

Media Skills for Family Physicians

High school student participation

"Clinic First" - strengthening your residency program
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Centering HealthCare Pre-Conference 
at the Annual Meeting
Advanced Facilitation Workshop
Love your Centering groups? Ready to take your facilitation skills to the next level? Or, do you find yourself struggling with your own facilitative leadership and need some fresh ideas and energy to bring to your Centering groups? Join a small group of seasoned Centering facilitators for a one-day interactive learning experience. 

You'll explore new facilitative approaches to difficult topics, conversations and other group challenges, based on your own personal experience. You'll have the opportunity to identify and develop strategies that address specific challenges in your groups. And similar to a Centering group, you'll benefit from the wisdom and experiences of other workshop participants. We welcome group facilitators from licensed sites who have attended a Basic Facilitation Workshop and have completed a minimum of one full Centering group cohort.  More information to come.

CoreCases Curriculum - The Way Today's Residents Like to Learn

CoreCases for Family Medicine is an online, clinically relevant curriculum that includes assessments and is self-paced so that residents can do it on their own. But, it is also standardized so that it adds consistency and objectivity to supplement the individual rotation experience of each resident.
The program consists of 45 cases or simulated patient encounters that include over 300 common disease states and conditions, as well as less common ones that may be difficult for programs to cover. Residents practice clinical reasoning skills to make correct diagnoses, order appropriate labs and diagnostic tests, and prescribe prudent management plans while receiving formative feedback in the moment from "Virtual Experts." CoreCases for Family Medicine also provides assessment of competencies and milestones required for demonstrating resident proficiency at each stage of their learning process.
Educational technologies such as CoreCases can also be used to deliver flipped classrooms, changing traditional lectures into meaningful discussions that allow residents the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential.
Find what you're looking for? Contact CaseNetwork for a case demonstration and to learn more at 800-644-1745, X106 or

Job Search Do's and Don'ts
Finding a new job can be fraught with danger? As a highly trained scientist and expert in your specialty, tasked with the healthcare of your community, how hard could this be? Right?
It may just be harder than you imagine. For example, has anyone ever encouraged you to think about just what is best for you? You are not trained to be selfish, but you need some serious self-reflection to identify and find that perfect next job.
Have you ever experienced the onslaught of recruiter calls and so many messages that your inbox fills every couple of hours? I promise, you may get 20-30 calls a day. Exhausted candidates drag themselves to the Verizon store to get an unlisted phone number within days of posting their CV online.

Spotlight On:  2017 This We Believe Award Winner

Christina Johnson, MD PhD / Maplewood Family Medicine
Overlook Family Medicine / Summit, New Jersey

I Believe in Dignity -  Intern year of residency is probably the hardest of any of the years in medical training. It's an abrupt surrender of autonomy, sleep, family relationships and authority. Being in a supportive training environment made it bearable, as did having moments of repose that replenished my mind, body and spirit. During my intern year, I received a phone call from my Mom. She had been in North Carolina for a number of months, taking care of my Grandmother who suffered a stroke that left her incapable of living independently. Read More