FMEC in Focus - September, 2017

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Special programming this year
The Clinic First Initiative

Hospice/End of Life Care

Improving Physician Decision Making - Evidence Informed Decision Making & Information Mastery

Medicine and the Fine Arts
Information about how to exhibit at the Annual Meeting in Cleveland, OH.

Join us in Greece!
Join the FMEC on an incredible 11-day journey to the roots of medicine: Greece!

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Book Signing Event

Calling all Authors!

We will once again be holding a book signing event at the annual meeting.  You must be registered to attend the meeting in order to reserve a table.

Please send an email to if you would like to reserve a table!

Primary Care Innovator's Network

October 5th / 
Chicago, Illinois

      2017 FMEC Annual Meeting / November 10-12 / Cleveland, OH

Online Registration Closes on OCTOBER 20th

2017 Residency Fair
 Friday November 10 & Saturday November 11

 500+ Faculty/Residents / 
250+ Medical Students
70+ Residency Programs
"A relationship with the FMEC has been invaluable in our quest to become a successful and reputable family medicine residency program. Our first class of interns started July 2012, however, collaboration with the FMEC started as soon as I was hired as program director two year prior to that. Several conversations with Larry Bauer about marketing and development strategies and more over the course of the past two years continue to make a tremendous difference. Shantie Harkinsoon, Program Director, NYMC Phelps Family Medicine Program.
* Save the Date *
Saturday, November 11th
After the Residency Fair
9:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
FMEC Annual Meeting Attendees are invited
to a Private Event to
ROCK ON with Family Medicine
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Please plan to join us to connect with friends and colleagues!
Stay tuned for more details!